Check Cashing at Publix – System, Cashing Hours, Limits & Policy

Find out all that pertains to Publix check cashing policy, limits and cashing hours. In addition to the check cashing system at this renowned store, I will also examine the fees charged for such transactions. So if you wish to know whether Publix offers this service 24hrs read below.

Can I Cash a Check at Publix?

Indeed, you can cash a check at Publix. All you need to produce when you visit any of their branches is your national identification card, a driving license, a state-issued passport, or military identification cards and the printed check. A handwritten check may not be accepted in some branches.

However, in most of the public stores, you will be allowed to cash your checks at the point of payments.  In some situations, more especially when the funds are low, you may be directed or asked to visit the customer care desk.

Therefore, be ready for these two scenarios to avoid any misunderstandings between you and the Publix management.

Publix Check Cashing System

People usually consider using their fingerprints as identification cards for faster and secure cash checking at Publix.

The Publix check cashing system applies the third part technology by Certegy. This means that the clerk can never have much of a say on whether the check shall be accepted or not.

The check could be rejected for distinct reasons as well as inexplicable suspicion.  In several cases, though, the checks are rejected when they are unreadable.

Whatever the reason may be, you should not waste your time arguing with the store worker. They have no power to overturn the decision. Therefore, you shall only be wasting your breath and time.

Besides, your check may be acceptable in other companies or banks. Therefore, there is no need to argue or cause a commotion with the store employee.

The Certegy’s name is very smart and can assist in building your profile. Therefore, in the near future, there could be reduced possibilities of check rejections.

This will reduce the level of disappointments which are happening each day at the Publix stores when the clients realize that they cannot cash their checks because of one or two reasons.

Publix Check Cashing Policy

Publix cashes the payroll and personal checks primarily. However, you can also cash tax refund checks, deposit checks from utilities, or rebate checks.

Requirements to have your check cashed at Publix: A driving license, state issued an identification card or the military card.

Additionally, you are also required to produce printed checks not handwritten. However, in some stores, you will be allowed to cash a handwritten check.

Therefore, you should make sure you inquire first if the store near you allows a handwritten check since it is not all Publix stores that check such kind of checks.

Publix Check Cashing Fees

The charges for cashing a check at Publix range from three dollars to six dollars.  However, this typically depends on the kind of check and the amount you want to cash in at the store.

Publix Check Cashing Hours

It is usually important to confirm the time of operation of any organization before you visit them to receive their services.  For Publix, they are usually open from 7 AM to 10 PM from Monday to Sunday.

In fact, this is the only store that operates throughout the week, other companies open for five to six days in a week.

Personal Check Cashing at Publix – Fees & Policy

Does Publix cash personal checks? The answer to this question is simply: Yes, Publix does cash personal checks in all of its stores as long as the client meets the preset conditions.

The main condition for cashing personal or payroll checks at Publix is having proof of identity. Anyone of the following will suffice as an identification document:

  • State-issued photo identification
  • Military Identification
  • Driver’s license

Fees: For personal checks, you will be expected to pay $3 to $6 depending on the amount you want to cash. Typically, when you visit any Publix store you will be issued with the rates and the choice to go on with the transaction shall be all to you.

Policy: For you to be allowed to cash a personal check make sure you produce a printed check together with your state-issued identification card, driving license, or military card.

Additionally, you will be required to ensure that if you send a representative to cash your check they have all these requirements.

Publix Check Cashing Limit – Maximum

Users can cash a single personal check per day for up to a maximum of seventy-five dollars. However, for the payroll check, the maximum limit is five hundred dollars per week.

FAQs on Check Cashing at Publix

There are several frequently asked questions about Publix, which include:

Can you cash a personal check at Publix 24 hrs.?

No, all the Publix stores usually operate from Monday to Sunday (7 am – 10 pm).  Therefore, if you have got a personal check, better visit the stores during those times.

Otherwise, you may not receive any services outside those hours.

Can I write a check at Publix and get cash back?

It is usually recommended that you present a printed check, however, in some Publix stores, they accept the handwritten checks. Therefore, yes you will get the cash depending on the store you visit.

How much can I cash a check for at Publix

For personal checks, you are allowed to cash up to 75 dollars in a month. However, for payroll checks, you can cash up to 500 dollars a week.

How many checks can you cash at Publix

The number of checks you can cash at Publix depends on the amount written on the checks. If you have one personal check amounting 75 dollars, this is the maximum. Therefore, you will cash only one check. But if you can have ten payroll checks amount 50 dollars each.

Therefore, it is up to you to inquire about the store near you and get to understand, what their policies, fees, and closing time are to avoid hustling when you need their services.

Does Publix Proces Checks Electronically?

One other commonly asked question is whether Publix does electronic checks or if it as some electronic checking system. Well, I am happy to inform you that it is possible to cash an electronic check at Publix, and that is made possible by the use of Certegy.


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