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ACE Check Cashing Places Near Me: Fees, App, Hours & FAQs

ACE check cashing

Find ACE check cashing places and locations near you in this article. What are the check cashing hours in this company? Do they have an independent check cashing phone number or contact?

All these have been answered in this article. I will also explain how to use the check-cashing app from ACE.

ACE Check Cashing Fees & Rates

Learn more about the ACE check cashing fees charts under this section. Rates vary depending on how much you want to cash and the region of the branch.

However, on average, individuals are required to pay three percent of the total check amount.

For instance, if your check totals $100, you will pay $3, and if it is $200, you will pay $6. Meaning the more the money the higher the charges.

ACE Check Cashing Hours

For you to be able to cash at ACE, you are advised to find out the operating time of your nearest ACE branch.

Usually, several of the ACE branches operate for 24 hours in five days (Monday to Friday), and from 7 am to 10 pm (during weekends and holidays)

Therefore, having information about ACE Check cashing hours may prevent possible inconveniences, which may occur.

More especially, when you visit an ACE branch and find it is closed and you wanted to urgently cash your check.  This means you will not have accomplished what you wanted to complete using the money.

Who will like to be in such a situation? I believe none of us will like to visit a bank and find that it is closed and they cannot complete their transactions because they were not aware of the bank’s operating times.

ACE Check Cashing Phone Numbers

Organizations that have proper customer caring services usually attract and retain numerous clients.

ACE has established a strong customer caring team, which works around the clock to ensure that clients are satisfied with the institution’s cashing services.

Therefore, in case you have any kind of complaints, be it if you want to change your password, or you have lost your money to unauthorized users.

Please contact the customer care team at or through the mobile phone: 1-886-290-5334.

Also, through ACE’s website-, you can find a catalog of toll-free numbers. Through these numbers, you will be able to reach the customer care team, without spending even a single coin.

You will be given enough time to speak out all your concerns and reviews (both positive and negative) about the institution’s operation.

Individuals are also encouraged to reach the customer care team through the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

With all these channels, no individual should complain of being denied a chance to communicate with the ACE customer care group.

ACE Check Cashing App

If there is one thing that technology has done is to make things easier for us, humans. For example, as opposed to the past, nowadays you can manage your bank accounts from your home, using your smartphone installed application.

The ACE Elite App offers clients a chance to manage the accounts while on the move. You should never worry about whether you have enough cash to buy lunch.

With the ACE app, you will be able to cash your checks, which shall be processed within five to ten minutes.

According to the numerous users of the ACE app, it is advantageous in several ways including:

  • By allowing you to cash your checks from any part of the world,
  • The app saves time; check processing takes five-ten minutes. This is as opposed to when one visits ACE to have his or her check cashed because they have to line for long hours.

ACE Check Cashing Online

You can apply for online check cashing services. Usually, clients are required to key in secret check codes, which will assist in validating the transaction.

However, if you fail to complete the transaction, you are advised to seek customer care services, and through their help, you shall be helped to cash your checks using the online cashing channel.

ACE Check Cashing Locations Near Me

ACE Check Cashing DC

ACE Check cashing services are available in Washington DC.  Some of the major ACE branches at DC are located in:

  • Hechinger Mall (it opens at 8 am and closes at 7 pm).
  • East River Part (it opens at 8 am and closes at 7 pm).

It is indeed important for you to be informed of the operation time of these places. For information, you can visit, on the specific locations and directions of these stores.

Therefore, never be worried about how you will locate the ACE stores in DC.

ACE Check Cashing VA – Virginia

If you live in Virginia (VA) and you need to have access to the Ace check-cashing services, here are the main branches located in this region:

  • Alexandria- you can reach them via phone- +1 703-212-8329/ +1 703-317-0296. This branch usually operates from 7 am to 7 pm. Therefore, individuals wanting to receive their services must ensure that they visit the store within those hours. Otherwise, they will find the store closed.
  • Arlington – the branch phone contact is +1 703-243-8971. This branch also operates as Alexandria branch, and therefore, it closes at 7 pm and opens at 7 am.

To find out more about the ACE check-cashing operations at VA including directions visit the company’s website or contact the customer care team using any of the following channels:

  1. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp
  2. Email
  3. Phone
  4. Through their website- when you log into and through the customer care option you will be assisted on whatever question you will ask, more especially, regarding ACE at VA.

ACE Check Cashing MD – Maryland

If you live in MD, get the ACE check cashing services at any of the following places:

  1. Town Centre shopping center, Laurel. Here they offer quality check-cashing services, but if you visit the store past 8 pm, you may not receive the cashing services, because this branch closes at exactly 8 pm! For extra details call the customer care team of this branch at +1 301-362-1381.
  2. Landover closes at 7 pm, therefore, if you live in this place, make sure you visit the place before 7 pm, else you will have to come the following day to have your checks cashed. For more details, contact them at +1 301-773-7748.
  3. Easton Shopping Center Oxon Hill. This branch overs quality check cashing services and closes at 8 pm. If you need to talk to the branch customer care team, you can always use +1 301-839-6382.

ACE Check Cashing Denver

Do you reside in Denver? The ACE check cashing at this location gives you a chance to cash your checks at any time before 9 pm.  Some of the notable ACE branches at this location include:

  1. 1595 W 48th Avenue – contacts: +1 303-458-3620.
  2. 1600 Champa St Ste 2 – contacts: +1 303-893-4337.
  3. 320 N Broadway Ste. J- contacts: +1 303-733-5966.

ACE Check Cashing Texas – Houston & Dallas

The following are some of the ACE locations in Texas, where you cash your checks at any time until 7 pm in some locations and 6 pm in others.

  1. ACE Cash Express – First

Dallas, TX, USA · +1 214-421-4894
Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

  1. ACE Cash Express – Second

Dallas, TX, USA · +1 972-224-8074
Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

  1. ACE Cash Express – Third

Dallas, TX, USA · +1 214-827-8476
Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

ACE Check Cashing California

California is one of the most visited cities on earth. People travel from all over the world to this city to experience the greatness of its beauty and growing technology.

ACE check cashing
Cash checks at ACE

Therefore, as the number of the population increases, more check-cashing services will also be needed.

ACE is located in several places in this city, but the prominent one is located at Oliver Corners Shopping Center. The address to this place: 27300 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward, CA 94545, USA.

If you are not sure about the directions, call them at +1 510-264-9500, but remember that they close at 8 pm.

Other ACE Check Cashing Locations

The above-mentioned ACE locations are those branches that are prominent with several clients. However, there are other ACE check cashing locations that you should be aware of, and these include:

ACE Check Cashing Fresno CA

Some of the branches located in this region can be found at the following addresses, and their contacts are also given:

  • 4796 E Kings Canyon Rd. +1 559-454-5858
  • 2425 E McKinley Ave. +1 559-495-6598
  • 785 E Shaw Ave. +1 559-221-5545

All the ACE branches located in these regions close at 7 pm.

ACE Check Cashing Harford RD

Use this address: 2329 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21218, USA, to find the ACE check cashing branch at this place.

The services are amazing, but remember that the store closes at 7 pm.

Memphis ACE Check Cashing

The following are the locations where you can find ACE branches for your check cashing services.

  • Cleveland, OH, USA. It closes at 7 pm.
  • Memphis, TN, USA. It closes at 8 pm.
  • Frayser Village Shopping Center, Memphis, TN, USA. It closes at 8 am.

There other branches that offer check cashing services, but to have such information you must visit their website because they have a catalog for all locations.

ACE Check Cashing Eastover

If you live in this place and you are in need of check-cashing services, you need the following information.

  • Eastover Shopping Center, 5221 Indian Head Hwy, +1 301-839-6382, Closes 8 PM.

If you visit the place past 8 pm, you will not be served!

FAQs for ACE Check Cashing

Under this section, we review some of the frequently asked questions concerning check cashing services at ACE cash express locations.

Does ACE cash personal checks?

Yes, ACE Cash Express does cash personal checks even when other companies and banks may not be ready to cash. In fact, ACE has some of the highest check cashing limits insofar as personal checks are concerned.

Does ACE Cash stimulus checks?

Yes, you can stimulus checks at the nearest ACE Cash Express outlet. All you need to do is carry a Photo-ID

Does ACE Cash Express cash out-of-state checks?

Yes, you can cash out-of-state checks at the nearest ACE check-cashing outlet.

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