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Does ACME Markets Cash Checks: Personal & Stimulus?

Acme Markets check cashing policy

Acme Markets is a supermarket chain that owns more than 150 retail store outlets in the US.

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, ACME Markets operates in 5 other states namely Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Delaware.

Apart from the obvious retail products stocked by such supermarkets, the store also provides other services including money services. This post explores whether the store does cash checks.

Does ACME Cash Checks?

Yes, ACME Markets does cash checks after subjecting them to both authenticity and eligibility tests. Eligibility here means the check must of the type accepted at the specific store, of the right amount, and where the check holder meets the minimum requirements stipulated in the check cashing policy.

Types of Checks Cashed at ACME Markets

We talked to an ACME representative who clarified that: Respective stores may have different provisions on the types of checks they cash. However, in most cases, you can cash stimulus, personal, and payroll checks at ACME Markets.

ACME Markets Check Cashing Policy

One can only cash a check at ACME markets if they have a relevant government-issued ID such as a Driving License or a Passport, and where such checks do not exceed $1000.

The check cashing limits and fees may vary from one store to another, and it would be wise to contact the specific store customer representative to inquire about the same.

FAQs on ACME Markets Check Cashing

Does ACME Cash Stimulus Checks?

Yes, ACME Markets does cash stimulus checks as long as they do not exceed the $1000 limit.

CHECK: The different types of checks.