Does Advance America Cash Checks: Personal & Payroll?

Advance America is one of the many payday loan providers in the US with several branches in the eastern part of the US continent.

Here, we explore if one can cash a check at Advance America and the types of fees incurred during such a check-cashing process.

Does Advance America Cash Checks?

Yes, advance America does cash checks in some of the outlets as long as the customer fulfills the existing terms and conditions as per the respective check cashing policies.

Advance America check cashing
Advance America Outlet

In order to cash a check at any of the outlets that provide the service, one must have valid documentation such as government-issued ID, military ID, and in some specific case-relevant employer documentation for verification.

Advance America Check-cashing Fees & Limits.

How much does Advance America charge to cash a check?

Well, the Advance America representative we talked to states that the cost of cashing a check varies from one outlet to another. Therefore, costs may range from anywhere $5 to $20 or more.

Also, the limit of check values to be cashed are not clear and you would have to visit the respective outlet to confirm this.

FAQs on Advance America Check Cashing

In this section, we explore some of the specific questions you may have concerning the entire check cashing process at advance America.

Does Advance America cash personal checks?

No, our correspondence with some of the representatives confirmed that, currently, Advance America does not cash personal checks. For these check types, you may have to consider other personal check cashers.

Does Advance America cash payroll checks?

Yes, advance America offers payroll check cashing services in most of the outlets. apart from the usual identification documentation, you would have to provide verification.


While Advance America is a cash advance or payday loan, it may also come in handy for those who wish to cash payroll checks. However, these services may not be available in all of the outlets, or even when they are available, the terms and policies may vary from one outlet to another.

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