ALDI Gift Cards: Online, Balance, Discount, UK & Australia

Does ALDI have gift cards or vouchers? Yes, Aldi offers gift cards to their customers which they can buy from stores nearest to them.

Continue reading this article and learn more about ALDI Gift cards, their working, and how to get one as a loyal ALDI customer.

What is an ALDI Gift Card?

An Aldi gift card is a voucher or type of gift certificate that enables the receiver to purchase goods from a specific store.

How long are Aldi gift cards good for? Aldi Gift cards are good for as long as they have money on them.Aldi Gift Cards Online

You should only be worried if your gift card has had zero balance for more than 2 months because such cards are usually deactivated after 90 days of a $0 balance.

How to Buy Aldi Gift Cards

Buying ALDI gift cards is easy; you can buy them in $5 increments up to a maximum of $100 in value. If you would like to purchase an ALDI gift card, please visit your local ALDI store where a shop employee would be glad to assist you!

Can I buy Aldi gift cards online? No, Aldi does not sell gift cards online at the moment. You just have to visit the nearest store to buy the gift card value you want.

ALDI Gift Card Amazon

If you are wondering about where to buy Aldi Gift Cards apart from the Aldi stores, you will be happy to learn that Amazon has got you covered. Amazon sells gift cards from other retailers including the Aldi gift card.


ALDI eGift cards are a wonderful option for those who like to buy in a more secure environment. You may place an order online and have them sent directly to the recipient’s email address.

Once you’ve obtained them, you may print them off and bring them to any Aldi grocery outlet.

ALDI Gift Card Discounts

You can use the ALDI gift cards to redeem some discounts while shopping in the ALDI stores. What is more important is that gift cards are also an accepted payment method for ALDI customers.

ALDI Gift Card Balance

For you to be able to use a gift card, you need to have a sufficient amount of money to be able to cover the cost of groceries you plan to buy. Therefore, we will review how to load and check the balance on your ALDI Gift card.

How to Check ALDI Gift Card Balance

There are two main ways through which a customer can check the balance on their ALDI gift cards.

First, you can visit the nearest ALDI grocery store outlet and ask the store associate (or customer care staff) to check for you. You would simply give them the unique gift card number and they would log into the system to check the balance and inform you.

Second, you can check the gift card balance online. You would need to visit the gift card check balance link on the Aldi website.

You will then need to locate the gift card number, security code, and confirmation code at the back of the card, and enter them into specific sections of the website page. Click ‘check balance’ to see the value on your card.

How to Reload the ALDI Gift Card

You can always reload or top-up the balance on your gift card as long as it is still active.

To reload your Aldi gift card, you will need to take the gift card to the cashier or customer service desk with the amount of money you would like loaded on the card.

This can be completed at the same place you bought the card or any other nearest Aldi store.

Aldi Gift Cards UK

If you are in the UK you can still buy the Aldi gift card. The Aldi gift card can be used for purchases at Aldi stores located in the United Kingdom.

Aldi has a bevy of different gift cards including digital vouchers (e-Gifts), which can never expire and can also be emailed to recipients. There are also physical options with maximum denominations of £50 and £100.

e-Gifts allow customers to split the balance on their cards so that different people may shop online with it. This is especially helpful when ordering dinner in advance for an event or catering purposes.

With Aldi’s mobile app, you can use your phone inside the store to spend your gift, order in bulk via “My Shops,” and navigate the store more easily by scanning bar codes on items.

Also, Aldi will even reimburse you 10% for purchases at restaurants such as Little Chef.

Aldi Gift Cards Australia

For Australian customers, Aldi gift cards can be used to purchase goods at most of their stores (or alternatively brand credit cards such as Rewe or Lidl).

They offer two varieties; one where you can buy 15 euros worth of goods for 12 euros, and another type where you can get 10 vouchers worth 1 euro each.

With Aldi’s voucher card system, customers are not limited to only using their vouchers at certain specified days or times.

FAQs on Aldi Gift Cards

In order to cover all aspects of the gift cards offered at Aldi stores, we have put together the most asked questions concerning the same.

Can I sell Aldi Gift Cards?

Yes, you can buy and sell Aldi gift cards in your own store. You would have to make a request for a large order by specifying the quantity, restrictions, shipping address, and contact information, then pay using a business check.

Can you buy Aldi gift cards with EBT?

No, Aldi does not support buying gift cards using Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards. This means you just have to look for other types of funding such as cash or personal check in order to buy the Aldi gift cards.

Does Aldi sell gift cards for other stores?

Yes, Aldi may sell gift cards for other stores and brands alongside their own branded gift cards. Some of the stores whose gift cards may be purchased from Aldi include Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Costco.

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