ALDI Payment Options: Paypal, Apple Pay, EBT & Credit Cards

ALDI is one of the largest grocery retail stores in the US. With outlets in several US states, it has been itself a brand worth the name.

You are probably asking yourself, what kind of payments does ALDI accept? Well in this article we explore and review all of the acceptable payment methods or options at ALDI stores at your convenience.

Payment Methods Accepted at ALDI

ALDI Cash Payment

Does ALDI Take Cash payments?

Yes, one of the acceptable ways to pay for groceries at ALDI is with cash.

ALDI has had no problems with fraudulent activity since they implemented this payment method which means less time spent on transactions and more time spent on cooking or doing whatever else matters most to you!

Aldi Payment Methods
ALDI Store

Paying with cash at ALDI stores is relatively convenient if you have the cash because it takes the shortest time.

What’s more annoying than waiting in line? Waiting in line just so you can wait again when you get back into the checkout lane because your debit card was declined!

ALDI Credit Card Payment

Does ALDI accept credit cards as a checkout option?

Yes, you can use a credit card as a payment method at most ALDI stores.

However, it must be swiped through one of their scanners and approved by an employee before you’re allowed to buy anything.

This process might seem inconvenient, but there are plenty of benefits to this system that make up for its lack of convenience.

The accepted credit cards must bear the logo of any of the major credit card companies such as VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

When did Aldi start accepting credit cards? Aldi started accepting credit card payments in their stores in March 2016. Before that, Aldi had no system in place to accept credit card payments

ALDI EBT, WIC & SNAP Food Stamps Payment

Does Aldi accept EBT online?

Yes, if you are the recipient of the government assistance program and own an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card, you can use it to pay for groceries at ALDI.

To use an EBT card at ALDI grocery stores, swipe the card at the register like any credit or debit card. The store will ask you to choose which kind of food (e.g. meat) you want to buy. They’ll take the money off of your account.

This has been handled in detail in our other article on how to use food stamps at ALDI stores.

ALDI Google Pay

Does ALDI accept Google Pay?

Yes, Google Pay, which is a contactless card payment method, is accepted at most ALDI stores as a checkout option. There is no expenditure limit for both Google Pay at most ALDI stores.

How to Use Google Pay at ALDI Stores

  1. To pay with Google Pay at ALDI, you’ll need the up-to-date Android app from the Play Store and have cards saved in your account.
  2. Once you’re at the checkout, select “No wallet” as your payment option on the terminal.
  3. Tap to open up your retailer’s loyalty card or coupon as needed, then tap the ‘I don’t want this’ button if they offer one.
  4. Hold the back of your phone to the reader below the terminal’s barcode scanner and swipe left with freehand across the phone’s display screen over the signature line towards the right side of the screen with space for PIN on most terminals.
  5. You should see a message confirming a successful transaction once the money has been deducted.

ALDI Apple Pay

Does ALDI accept Apple Pay? Yes, you can now pay for goods at ALDI using Apple Pay which is one of the accepted contactless card payment options.

Is there a limit on Apple Pay at ALDI? Yes, there may be limits on the amount of money one can spend at ALDI stores using the Apple Pay checkout system.

However, some major stores may not have the limit in place thereby allowing the customers to pay for the whole shopping using their Apple Pay wallets.

How to use Apple Pay at ALDI Grocery Stores

With Face ID or Touch ID, you can make purchases conveniently – no need to open an app or even wake up your phone (with Touch ID).

When paying at the checkout, place your finger on the Home button (Touch) or side button (Face ID) of Apple Holders to pay with a single touch.

ALDI PayPal Payment

Does ALDI accept PayPal?

No, ALDI does not accept PayPal balance as one of their payment options. However, if you have a PayPal credit card you may be able to pay for groceries using it.

It should be noted here that alternative payment options such as After Pay and Zip Pay are not accepted at Ali stores in the UK and Australia.

ALDI AMEX Credit Card Acceptance

Does ALDI accept American Express (AMEX) cards? Yes, ALDI stores accept both debit and credit from American Express.

For AMEX debit cards, you need to confirm the balance before going shopping, to ensure that it can cover your intended expenditure.

As for the AMEX credit cards, you can always purchase goods from the ALDI stores on credit and sort them out later on with your bank.

ALDI Coupon Policy

Does Aldi accept coupons? Yes, ALDI may accept coupons as long as they are used in the region or event they are intended for. This means you may not use coupons if you shop in stores outside the target regions.

According to ALDI’s coupon policy, manufacturer coupons and NOT accepted at their stores. Similarly, expired coupons will be rejected automatically when one tries to redeem them.

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