Bank of Hawaii Check Cashing & Deposit Policy

Bank of Hawaii has been an independent bank serving the Hawaiian Islands for over 100 years, beginning as Mutual Savings and Loan Association in 1912.

As a locally headquartered company, Bank of Hawaii offers customers lower interests rates than many major mainland banks because it does not pay federal taxes outside of the Hawaiian Islands.

In this post we explore the check-cashing services offered by the bank.

Does Bank of Hawaii cash checks?

Yes, you can cash personal, payroll, and banker’s checks at any of the Bank of Hawaii branches nearby.

The bank’s check cashing policy is clear on the requirement to present a photo I.D. before cashing any check.

So make sure you bring your driver’s license or passport with you when you go into the bank for check-cashing services or any additional business.

Bank of Hawaii Checks

Bank of Hawaii provides varied check services including deposits and cashing as discussed above. In this section we explore the various types of checks and checking services one may find at BoH.

Bank of Hawaii Order Checks

So, how do I order checks from the Bank of Hawaii?

Well, it is simple. There are four main ways one can order checks from the Bank of Hawaii and they include:

  1. Logging into the e-Bankoh portal for those who have registered with the online banking system.
  2. Completing the online request form provided on the BoH website.
  3. Calling the bank’s care service center lines at 1-888-643-3888 (Toll-free) or 643-3888 (charged).
  4. Visiting the nearest bank physically to have the bank cashiers provide one for you.

Bank of Hawaii Stimulus Checks

Stimulus checks are provided by the government to citizens. You will be happy to learn that the Bank of Hawaii does cash stimulus checks subject to the check cashing policy outlined earlier on.

Bank of Hawaii Traveler’s Checks

You cannot cash traveler’s checks at Bank of Hawaii branches. Also, it is not advisable to mobile-deposit traveler’s checks because they would not be approved.

Bank of Hawaii Third-party Checks

Bank of Hawaii does not cash third-party checks. For these, you would have to find alternative check-cashing service providers in Hawaii which may include Check-cashing franchises.

Bank of Hawaii Check Deposit

You can deposit your check at the Bank of Hawaii and have them process it and deposit the funds in your account. The check deposit can be done through 2 main ways namely direct deposit and mobile deposit.

Bank of Hawaii Direct Check Deposit

Bank of Hawaii direct deposit is the simplest and fastest method to be paid, whether it’s a monthly government check or your first salary.

You won’t have to worry about misplacing your paper check, and you’ll have access to your cash the same day without ever having to visit a bank.

To deposit a payroll check, all you need to do is Consult with your company’s payroll office to see whether you may sign up for payroll checks through an online portal.

If not, fill out the BoH form and submit it to your employer along with a voided check.

To deposit a check issued by the US treasury, you need to register in GoDirect for checks issued by the US Treasury, then fill up and submit the particular form provided by BoH.

Bank of Hawaii Mobile Check deposit

Making a deposit is simple and can be achieved by following the steps outlined below.

  1. Write “For BOH Mobile Deposit Only” on the back of your check and sign it.
  2. Take photos of your check’s front and back.
  3. Choose your deposit account and the amount to deposit.
  4. Please send in your deposit.

You may discard the check after you get an email confirmation that your deposit was “Approved.”

How long does it take for a check to clear at the Bank of Hawaii?

check deposits are processed within less than 6 hrs and the funds are made available for debit posting or withdrawal the same day as long as the deposits are made during business days before the service cut-off times (5 pm HST, 1 pm CHST, and 12 pm PWT).

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