Bank of the West Check Cashing Policy & Fee

Bank of the West is known to handle many of the banking services offered in a traditional bank and that includes check-cashing services.

Bank of the West Check Cashing Policy

Concerning check cashing, the Bank of the West is clear that before any check is cashed, the holder must have been older than 18 years and must have government-issued identification such as a Driving License or Passport.

Additionally, the checks cashed must be of the acceptable type and whose values are within the stipulated limits.

Bank of the West Check Cashing fee

The check-cashing fee at Bank of the West is $7.50 per check not exceeding $1000.

There are instances when the check-cashing fee can be waived and they include:

  • Bank of the West Cashier’s check
  • Checks for minors
  • Checks for deposit account customers
  • Bank of the West checks drawn on deposit account

Bank of the West Cashier’s Check Verification

If you received a check indicating that it was issued by the Bank of the West, you definitely would want to verify and see if it is legit. Banks have adopted several measures to verify checks and avid fraud.

So, how do I verify a check from the Bank of the West? To verify, the authenticity of a check from Bank of the West, you need to use a reliable Routing Number checking tool such as RoutingTool.

The tool has a database of Bank of the West routing numbers that can be accessed instantly.

You can also call the Bank of the west check verification department and inform them of the nature of the check verification you need.

The Bank of the West check verification phone number you can call for this exercise is 323-727-3605.

FAQS on Bank of the West Check Cashing

Here are some of the frequently asked questions concerning check cashing services at the Bank of the West.

How long does it take for a check to clear at Bank of the West?

By practice, it takes not more than 1 business day (24 hrs) for the check to be processed and the money is made available to the customer’s account.

Does Bank of the West cash third-party checks?

No, Bank of the West does not cash third-party checks. For this, you would have to try other banks including the Bank of America.

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