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10+ Banks that Don’t use ChexSystems: A Detailed List

At the moment several people are complaining that their banks have listed them on ChexSystems, hence making them face serious problems in conducting transactions with other banks. Usually, if you have been listed in ChexSystems, you may find it hard to open a bank account or even cash or deposit your checks on other banks that also use this system.

However, there are those banks with no credit check to open an account, and most people are now interested in such banks than those using ChexSystems.

List of Non-ChexSystems Banks

Some of us have a past financial mistake that we are afraid might come back to bite us soon because ChexSystems already blacklist us. If you have been blacklisted, you might think that is the end of the world, but it isn’t at all.

Here is a list of some of best banks that aren’t using ChexSystems- meaning you can open another bank account and put the past financial mistake behind you, but avoid repeating it if it was an intentional mistake.

Also, remember to abide by the rules and guidelines of these banks so that you do not lose your bank account again.

Never forget that these banks might not be using the ChexSystems but have their terms, which if violated, could result in the closure of your bank account.

Axiom Bank

Indeed, all people deserve another chance once they have committed a financial mistake. This is the reason why Axiom Bank offers such individuals with a second chance to open a checking account without considering the ChexSystems report.

This community bank has its headquarters in Central Florida and is considered by many people as the best place to open a checking account, especially if in the past you have been incriminated in any financial issue.

The following are the main features and essential details about your checking account in Axiom Bank that you should remember always.

  • $24.99 least opening deposit
  • Every month service fee of $13.00, which is lowered to $8.99 with a straight deposit of any bank account
  • No least balance obligation
  • Debit card chance, subject to approval

BBVA Compass

Your past ChexSystems listing cannot hinder you from opening a checking account at BBVA. The bank is known for its easy checking account that gives people a second chance, especially those who do not qualify for a standard checking account due to past financial blunders.

Here is vital information that you need to note when seeking to open a straightforward checking account at BBVA Compass.

  • You will pay a monthly service fee of 14 USD
  • You will get a free Visa debit card
  • Free mobile banking and online banking, with online bill and mobile deposit pay available
  • No ATM charges at BBVA ATMs
  • The minimum opening deposit is $24.99
  • Unrestricted check writing

TD Ameritrade

At TD Ameritrade, you will not be screened using ChexSystems for you to open an account. However, since it is a brokerage, individuals are required to open a brokerage account first before they can apply for a Cash Management checking account.

The following are some of the perquisites of this account that you need to note:

  • Free debit card
  • No monthly charges
  • Capacity to recompence bills online

United Bank

Are you having a negative ChexSystems report, but need a checking account urgently? Visit the United Bank, which has limited locations in Florida and Alabama, for you to open a checking account right now.  This bank will not consider the ChexSystems report for them to issue you with a Gateway Checking account.

However, here are indispensable details about this account that you should be aware of:

  • Diversity of check selections available
  • 24/7 account alerts and telephone service
  • Online pay bill available for $5.00 a month
  • $9.99 once-a-month maintenance emolument
  • Mobile banking with check payment

Woodforest National Bank

Historical banking issues wouldn’t hinder you from obtaining another checking account at Woodforest National Bank. This financial institution will offer you a second chance to get a checking account with the following details:

  • $8.95 set-up emolument
  • Located in first-rate states
  • Minimum opening deposit of $24.95
  • A scheduled fee of $10.00 with a straight deposit, $12.00 without

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo’s Opportunity Checking account is available to all people, including those with past financial issues and has been blacklisted by ChexSystems. Important features of this account are:

  • Easy bill pays
  • Online banking
  • $24.99 least opening deposit
  • $9.95 monthly fee

Green Dot

Even with bad credit, you will be allowed to open a checking account at Green Dot. This bank’s prepaid debit card, which is also reloadable, does not screen its clients using ChexSystems.

In its place, Green Dot utilizes the risk-modeling approaches that allow almost all individuals above 18 years, who passes the ID verification process to open a bank account.

Green Dot’s prepaid debit card data includes the following:

  • Card reload fee of not above 5 USD
  • Free online acquisitions
  • Store procurement dues of up to $2.00
  • 8 USD fee once every month.

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