Does Bashas Cash Checks & Do Money Orders?

The company is primarily a convenience store chain with 200+ stores in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas.

They sell grocery items at the front of the store and offer fast food, gas station fare packaged snacks like chips and ice cream.

Does Bashas Cash Checks?

No, Bashas does not cash checks at the moment because of the lack of financial capacity to deal with check cashing transactions.

If you still need to cash yu checks at the nearest grocery or convenience store, then consider checking out stores such as Albertsons, Safeway, or even Kroger.

Bashas Cashier’s Check

Bashas Cashiers Check is made at Bashas Boracay. The vouchers for these checks can be redeemed at the next office at San Isidro.

They usually take 1 to 3 days to process your order for the check and may cost more than $3,000 depending on which voucher you redeemed it with but this service is free.

Bashas check cashing
Bashas Store

This service began in 2006 and it will end by 2020 because their terms of agreement with American Express will expire by that year so they won’t provide them after 2020.

If you need a cashier’s check, you should redeem vouchers before they expire.

Does Bashas do Money Orders?

You may be interested in knowing how Bashas’ money order policy is. Well, I have got you covered because we spoke to one of their representatives.

Bashas neither sells nor buys money orders in their outlets. This means if you are looking for places to sell or buy money orders, you would have to go for the alternatives such as ACME Markets.

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