Does Big Y Cash Checks (Personal or Payroll)?

Big Y stores have a wide variety of products, which is something that many stores don’t offer. They also have great deals on produce and meat. In this post, we explore one aspect of the money services offered at Big Y.

So, does Big Y cash checks?

Yes, Big Y does cash checks on the customer’s valid ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, and if they have funds in the bank.

Each branch office of the store is different in relation to provisions for cashing checks and offers varying hours of operation.

It is best to check with your local branches through their website before going into the store and inquiring about this service so that you maximize your time and enjoy all other convenience offerings.

Big Y Check Cashing Policy

In order to properly understand the check-cashing services at Big Y, it is best to highlight the specific elements of the check-cashing services, which include limits, fees, and types of checks.

Types of checks cashed:

Big Y does cash personal, payroll, and stimulus checks. However, they do not cash starter or third-party checks.

Eligibility and Validity:

The bearer of the check must have a valid government-issued ID such as a passport or driver’s license. Also, the checks must have an accurate account number and be unaltered in any way.


Big Y charges a check cashing fee of about $1 (99 cents) per check. However, for those who use checks to buy groceries worth more than $5, the fee is waived.

In cases where checks are returned (bounce), Big Y charges a check cancellation fee of $20 per check.

More About Big Y Stores

Known for its high-quality service and competitive prices, Big Y has been providing customers with produce since 1960. It is a wholesaler of bread, dairy, deli, and produce.

Their cooperative structure helps keep the price of groceries down while the large selection offers choices like organic produce and over 500 varieties of both fresh, frozen, and canned fruit!

With stores in all six states across New England (Massachusetts; Connecticut; Maine; Rhode Island; Vermont; and New Hampshire), they’re sure to be close by.


Big Y is a store that does cash some checks as long as the customer has the relevant identification documents, valid checks, and is ready to pay for the check-cashing fee at the store.

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