Does Brookshire’s Cash Checks (Personal, Payroll, Etc.)?

Brookshire’s Food & Pharmacy is a grocery chain based in Texas. The store has an extensive network of retail outlets operating in four states: Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma.

This post explores the possibility of cashing personal, stimulus, and payroll checks at Brookshire’s Food and Pharmacy stores.

Does Brookshire’s Cash Checks?

Yes, Brookshire’s does cash personal, payroll, and stimulus (government) checks in most stores at an affordable fee.

Like many similar stores that cash checks, Brookshire’s expects customers who wish to cash checks to carry with them valid ID documents.brookshires check cashing

Check Cashing Privileges for Top Shoppers

Aside from the standard check cashing services offered to all customers who visit Brookshire’s Food and Pharmacy stores, the store has a special package for Top Shoppers.

For the record, customers have designated the Top Shopper status after they have spent an average of $100 minimum per week for the previous 13 weeks.

Brookshire’s Top Shoppers get free check cashing services for checks valued from 0 to $100. In addition, they get to do it without having to provide any form of identification [source].

FAQs Related to Brookshire’s Check Cashing

Does Brookshire’s accept checks?

Yes, Brookshire’s Food & Pharmacy stores accept checks as a payment option. They accept checks from US banks or those from international banks as long as they are denoted in dollars.

Brookshire Money Order

If you wish to buy money orders from Brookshire’s Food and Pharmacy stores, you can visit their money centers and be advised accordingly. Currently, Brookshire sells Western Union money orders.

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