Chase ATM & Mobile Check Deposit [Availability and Limits]

Explore ATM and mobile check deposits at Chase Bank. Understanding Chase ATM and mobile check availability and clearing time will put you in a better position to appreciate just how effective the check deposit process can be.

Also, included in this article are the clearing time, limits, and associated fees for depositing checks at a Chase ATM or through their mobile app.

Chase Check Deposit Availability

The Chase check deposit is available for you across all its branches and online for those who prefer online or mobile cashing.

Usually, Chase processes check deposits within the shortest time possible to allow their clients access and make use of their funds on time.Chase Bank ATM and mobile check deposit

For instance, if you have made a check deposit before 11 PM, your check will be processed within that same business day and the funds on your check will be available for withdrawal on the second working day after your successful check deposit.

In essence, if you make a check deposit on Monday, the 11th at 11 PM, Chase will process your funds on Monday 11th and your funds shall be available for withdrawal on Tuesday 12th.

That is an interestingly high speed of processing check deposits by Chase. Therefore, the Chase check deposit is available for you, if you want to enjoy the fastest check deposit processing.

Chase ATM Check Availability

As technology is advancing, various banks are also adopting the use of technology to make your banking life easier and quite interesting. Now, at Chase ATMs, you can deposit your checks any time from Monday to Sunday.

Checking through ATMs is less cumbersome as you are always guided through the necessary steps of depositing your check. Further, through the ATMs, you avoid long hours queuing, something that can waste your valuable time.

Therefore, you should make use of Chase ATMs to deposit your checks. However, ensure that you confirm from your nearest Chase bank that the ATMs near you allow check deposits.

How Chase ATM Check Deposit Works

The Chase ATM check deposit is a straightforward stepwise process that can take you less than 5 minutes to deposit your check.

The first step of depositing Chase ATM checks is inserting your Chase debit card into a Chase ATM. After that, enter your unique PIN using the ATM keypad to log into your account.

The next step is that you select the “make deposits” option, and then the account you would like to make deposits in. Then after that, you should select the deposit checks option.

At this point, you will be required to insert your check(s) into the deposit slot available on the ATM.

Your check(s) will be scanned, and when the process is complete, you are always advised to make sure that you confirm them to ensure they are correct. After all that, your check will be processed, and your funds will be ready for withdrawal.

Note that when using the Chase ATMs, you are always allowed to deposit up to thirty checks at a time.  It is, therefore, one of the most convenient ways of depositing your checks.

How Chase Mobile Check Deposit Works

If you are a Chase Bank frequent customer, be happy because now you can make check deposits through your mobile phone.

Theoretically, the Chase mobile check deposit works systematically in that even those who have not gone to school can use it.

Typically, you are first required to download the Chase Mobile application available from your phone’s application store.

After downloading and installing the application on your phone, log into your account. If you do not have an account, there is an option of registering yourself, using it following all the steps to register, and then logging into your account.

Once you are logged in, you are now free to make check deposits using your phone regardless of your geographical location.

The process of depositing your check is easy; you need to tap the Nav Menu and select the deposit checks option, then follow the steps systematically to deposit your check(s) using your phone successfully.

Chase Mobile Deposit not working

Apparently, in recent years, Chase has received numerous claims of Chase Mobile deposits not working as expected.

To salvage the situation, Chase has a strong customer care team to ensure they give answers to their esteemed clients regarding the issue of the Mobile deposit not working.

Nevertheless, before reporting that your Chase mobile deposit is not working you should make sure that you are connected to the internet and that you have updated your apps.

In some cases, people have reported that their Chase Mobile deposit was not working only to discover that they were not connected to the internet.

Similarly, it is important to update your Chase application to utilize the latest features, which technically if absent could interfere with the proper functioning of your application.

Chase Check Deposit Clearing Time

Usually, the Chase Bank check deposit clearing time is two business days.

However, if you urgently need the funds, you can pay a fee to facilitate processing to ensure you receive your funds within the shortest time possible (less than 5 hours from the time of deposit).

Chase Check Deposit Limits

Usually, the Chase check deposit limits are $2,000.00 whether you are a business client or consumer. However, you are allowed to deposit checks worth up to $5,000.00 over any 30 days.

These limits apply to mobile check deposits and direct check deposits at Chase bank branches.  In case, you are not sure about the limits you are free to contact the Chase Bank customer care team to guide you more on this issue.

Chase Check ATM Deposit Limit

Usually, when you are using Chase ATMs, you are free to deposit checks with no limits. However, in case there are limits, then be assured that those limits will be substantial.

The large deposit limits are meant to regulate those individuals making large Check ATM deposits.

Chase Check Deposit FAQs

Does Chase accept endorsed checks?

Yes, Chase accepts endorsed checks when using the Chase QuickDepositSM system on your phone. The procedure to do this is relatively simple:

First, You select the account to which you want the check deposited then followed by the amount. Second, take a photo of the front face of the check. Third, endorse the check then take the photo of the back face.

In the same breath, Chase also accepts third-party checks because they are simply checks that someone has endorsed to you.

However, for double-endorsed checks, the Chase QuikDeposit system does not accept double-endorsed checks.

Does Chase accept foreign checks?

No, the Chase QuickDeposit mobile & ATM check deposit systems do not accept foreign checks. The system only accepts personal, business, traveler’s, and treasury checks payable in the US.

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