Chase Bank Check-cashing: Policy, Fee, Limits, ATM and App

If you want to cash your check at Chase Bank, you are most likely situated near any of its 16,000 ATMs and over 5,050 branches across the USA.  Just like any other bank, Chase has its terms and conditions, including fees that you are supposed to satisfy for you to cash your check in any of their locations.  Continue reading to discover more about Chase bank cashing for both non-clients and account holders.

Can I cash a check at Chase Bank?

Yes, you can cash your check at Chase bank with a lot of ease if you have a bank account and you have sufficient money in your account to cover the expanse of your check.

But if you are a non-customer, you will be able to cash checks that are only drawn on a Chase account. To do this, you will be expected to pay a fee of 8 USD and produce one or more identification documents.

Cashing checks at Chase Bank without a bank account?

Chase bank has given special opportunities for all its clients – those with and without a bank account to cash their checks with ease.

For bank account holders, the process is easier, but for those who do not have an account, they will need to do the following to be allowed to cash their checks.

  • Produce a valid identification document- this can be a driving license, national identification card, or military ID. When presenting, it ensures that it is a genuine ID to avoid unwanted cases of suspicion and delays.
  • Be ready to pay a fee of $8.00. The fee is sometimes lower during special holidays, and that is the most common approach used by Chase bank to reward its clients.

Chase Bank Check Cashing at ATM

You can cash your checks at any Chase ATM near you at any time of the day throughout the weeks because they are operational 24/7.

When making check deposits ensure that you key in all the needed and vital information so that it can be processed fast without unnecessary delays.

Check cashing Apps for Chase bank

In this information age, you can easily do everything from home as long as you have a smartphone and the internet.

You can, for example, cash your checks at Chase bank, through their mobile application – get it here.

The process of using the application to cash your check is quite simple, and here are the key steps you need to follow.

  1. Download and install the application to your phone.
  2. Sign in (but if it if your first time to use the app, register first by clicking the signup sign first and follow the instructions keenly). After that, now sign in and select the “Deposit Checks” option in the navigation blackboard of your application and pick the account.
  3. Take pictures of your check – front and back- and enter the check amount. With the novel characteristic “Auto Capture” of Chase Mobile app, it will be able to capture the front and back of your endorsed check.
  4. Submit the deposit – before doing this kindly confirm that all the details you have entered are correct.

Chase Bank check-cashing policy for customers

The policies that have been placed by Chase Bank for all its clients are meant to ensure that there is a smooth flow of transactions during the check-cashing process.

Some of the key policies include the giving out of IDs mainly for non-account owners. The ID given must be valid, and information on it matching the details entered on the check.

The other policy is in relation to both types of clients (account owners and those without) in that at no time is one allowed to give out a fake check or untrue details meant to ensure personal gains.

If such incidents are detected, your check will be rejected instantly.

Chase Bank Check Cashing Fees & Limits

Account owners at Chase bank are not charged any fee for check cashing.  But for non- customers or those who do not have accounts at Chase bank, the fee is 7.99 USD for every check they cash. Meaning if you have three checks, you will pa a fee of $24.00.

Note: For certain checks such as insurance checks, the fee may be relinquished.

At Chase bank, there are limits one is expected to adhere to at all times.  Whilst the bank does not limit the number of checks one has to cash, it is imperative for non-clients to always keep in mind the fees they will pay for each check.

With regard to the amount limit- for account holders, they can cash a check that does not exceed the amount of money they have in their checking account. In case you do not have sufficient amount to cover your check, you will have to deposit all or part of the check and for it to be cleared.

The bank usually makes at least 200 USD of a deposit available in the subsequent business day.

For those without accounts at Chase bank, there is no specific limit pertaining to the amount you can cash. But it is paramount to call the branch before going to cash your check.

Chase Bank Check deposit policy

Being aware of Chase check deposit policies helps to smoothen the process and saves your time of completing your transactions at the bank.

Chase bank check deposit hold policy

Official deposits are usually available within one working day. When a person deposits above $7000 of checks in a single day, the first 7000 USD should be available in the following day, but there may be held with the outstanding sum.

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