Missing Checks: Can You Use Checks Out of Order?

Here we explore the answer to the question: Can I cash checks out of order? It’s possible in some cases, but it depends on the specific rules of your bank about missing checks in the checkbook.

This blog post will explore whether or not you can use checks out of order, how much they cost, what kind there is, and when it would be necessary to do so.

What is Check Sequence?

Checks in sequence are considered to be in the same sequence. Serial numbers for each check in a sequence of checks are sequential (1,2,3,4) and this sequential nature is known as “Check Sequence”.

You can also use Check Sequence when needing to preserve integrity with respect to tracking the financial flow of goods or services through an organization.

Do Check Numbers Matter?

No. Banks do not consider checking account numbers when determining whether or not to accept your check. The order of the digits might help people organize their checks, but they’re irrelevant for cashing purposes.

Check numbers will not affect the cashing process. They are used mainly for organization purposes but do not factor into cashing or depositing.

For example, some restaurants use check numbers to organize their receipts (for inventory purposes) and make it easy to find individual checks, especially if they employ many servers.

This organization will also come in handy for accounting purposes when determining the costs of kitchen supplies like utensils or busboy gloves. However, there is no direct correlation between the check number and how much money was spent (cash).

Keep this in mind if you’re running a restaurant with many employees–you might run into an employee who accidentally split two of the same checks together!

Can You Use Checks Out of Order?

Do you have to use checks in order? Checks can be used out of order and people do not typically notice. The numbers on checks are assigned in a numerical sequence, but this is irrelevant with most banks anymore because most checks simply say “Pay to the Order Of”.

People who work in bank areas that process and authorize cheques (those with the magnetic scanners) will see that they were processed out of order, but they won’t really care.

They still get deposited anyway, so there’s no big issue. The same goes for department stores; they deal with thousands of return transactions each day and check sequences don’t mean anything.

The one place you might run into trouble is trying to cash/purchase items at an ATM or some kiosk machines.


You should be worried if you have missing checks in a sequence when cashing because this does not really matter. So even when there are gaps in the check order or sequence, most check cashing institutions will still cash your check.

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