Does Circle K Sell Gift Cards: Amazon, iTunes & Visa?

Circle K is a convenience store that, like many others, has factored in their operations the need for customers to save some coins.

This article explores the ability to get a branded Circle K gift card at Circle K stores and gas stations.

The article includes the other brands of gift cards sold at Circle K stores which you can use to redeem rewards while shopping.

Does Circle K Have Gift Cards?

Yes, Circle K has both in-house and external Gift cards for their customers.

In order to get in-house rewards cards (Gift card, Fleet Card, and Fuel Card) at Circle K, you would have to contact the nearest store as described here below.

Circle K gift Card – What is it?

Before we go any further, the question we need to address right away is what is the Circle K gift card, and how does it work?

The Circle K Gift card is a special reloadable Reward card that can be used as part or full payment for goods, services, or gas at participating Topaz or Circle K store outlets and gas stations.

You can alternatively order the Circle Gift card by calling them through +1-800-972-7481

Loading the Circle K Gift Card

The Circle K gift card can be loaded with any amount ranging from 15 to 500 Euros.

After loading the new card, it may only be used after 24 hours have elapsed. The 1-day waiting period is considered the card-processing period as it is prepared to be ready for transactions.

It is worth noting that loaded Circle K gift cards remain valid for a period not exceeding 1 year (12 months) from the date of issue.

Circle K Gift Card Balance

This section explores how to top up and check the balance on Circle K Gift Cards.

Please note that since the card allows for part payment during shopping, you can always split payments. This means you do not have to spend the whole amount at once on in one shopping instance.

Checking the gift card balance is recommended most of the time because it ensures you are properly informed of the amount that the card can cover during shopping.

The balance must always be communicated to the shop assistant/cashier before making a payment.

How to Check Circle K Gift Card Balance

To check the balance on the gift, you would have to visit the balance checking portal on Circle K’s website.

Here, you would be prompted to provide the CVV2 number (that is found at the back of the standard card).

It should be noted that the above step only works for registered customers. Unregistered customers will receive an error message if they try to implement the above step.

Alternatively, if you cannot access the web portal, you may consider calling the Gift Card issuing department at Circle K on +1-866-294-9866.

Does Circle K Sell Gift Cards?

Yes, Circle K sells gift cards by other retail brands, including Amazon and Visa cards. To learn more about the other gift cards sold at Circle K, please check the table below.

What kinds of Gift cards does Circle K sell?

Gift Card Name

Sold at Circle K
Amazon gift cardYes
Visa gift cardYes
Uber gift cardNo
Steam gift cardYes
eBay gift cardYes
Roblox gift cardNo
Target gift cardYes
LCBO gift cardNo
iTunes gift cardNo
PlayStation gift cardNo
Starbucks gift cardYes
xBox gift cardYes

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