Does Circle K Do Money Orders (Sell, Cash or Refund)?

If you are wondering whether you can get money orders at Circle K, then in this article I intend to dive deeply into the issue.

Questions such as ‘does Circle K have/sell money orders‘ have been answered in great detail within this article.

You will be happy to know that Circle K sells money orders in almost all of its branches or outlets in the US. All you need to do is avail yourself to the stores and ask for the money orders with the value that interests you.

Circle K Money Order Hours

What time does Circle K start/stop selling money orders? Well, money orders can be accessed any time at Circle K stores, as long as such stores are open and working.

However, it is recommended to visit the stores within the normal business hours of between 7 am and 5 pm if you wish to have guaranteed service

How much are Money Orders at Circle K?

This section focuses on Circle K money order fees and associated costs. So, how much do money orders cost at Circle K?

Well, at Circle K, Money orders cost between $1 and #1.3 with variations existing in individual stores.

Circle K Money Order Limits

As you should know by now, most (if not all) convenience stores have put in place limits to the size of money orders they can give out/sell to customers like you and me.

The highest value you can pay for a money order at Circle K in a single transaction is $499. This means if you need money orders valued at more than $500 you would have to make more than one transaction.

However, it should be noted that states specify the highest value of money orders one can buy at convenience stores. In most cases, it is $3000 per day, while in others, it is lowered to $2000 per day.

Circle K Money Order Locations – Near Me

There are many Circle K Locations that have money orders for sale. You can use the Circle K Store Locator to identify the nearest Circle K Gas Station/Valero/Convenience store to buy your money order.

How to buy Circle K Money Orders

Buying money orders at this convenience store or gas station should not be that hard. You just need to follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Identify the nearest Circle K store or gas station
  2. Confirm whether they sell MoneyGram money orders
  3. Determine the value of the money order you need and confirm the nominal fee for such a value
  4. Walk to the cashier with the total amount and give them a minute or two to get back to you with the ready money order.

FAQs on Circle K Money Orders

Let’s review the commonly asked questions here.

Does Circle K Cash Money Order

No. Circle K does not cash money orders. They only sell money orders to customers who need them. You can check other convenience stores for money order cashing services.


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