Corner Stores that Cash Checks Near Me

You will not find many Corner stores that cash checks. However, those that have acquired the expertise and personnel to serve people with check cashing needs include Ralphs and Fred Meyer. In these places, you will find favorable policies, fees, and limits; however, to find out about that, you need to keep going through this article up to the end.

Corner stores that cash checks

In any of the following Corner stores, you will get a chance of being served with the best agents than in any other place.

Never forget that these are not banks; therefore, if you seek their check-cashing services, you have to stick to their restrictions.

Otherwise, if you ignore them, your checks will be rejected, or you may take time than expected for a simple process that doesn’t usually take over ten minutes.

Ralphs store

In this section, we are giving you all the details you need to know before you out to seek cashing services at any Ralphs location near you.

  • Limits: across all stations, the threshold for all types of checks (shown next) accepted in Ralphs is $5000. Checks above this amount are not allowed.
  • Checks accepted in Ralphs locations: Insurance, tax refund, corporate, payroll, and government checks.
  • Ralphs places with check cashing services: All Ralphs sites with gas stations, however, check-cashing must be done in the main store.
  • Approximate fees to pay for check cashing: $2.99 for checks not above $2,000; $6.00 for checks above $2,000 but less than $5,000. However, these fees may sometimes be waivered for loyal clients during special holidays.

Important Note: When searching for Ralphs location near you, make sure that you activate the filter option for gas stations.  If you do not do this, you will get several locations, and that may be confusing which one is close to me.

Fred Meyer

If you prefer Fred Meyer corner store over the one above, then here are some of the vital details about this store that you should keep in your mind always.

  • Categories of checks you can cash at Fred Mayer: insurance, tax refund, corporate, government, and payroll checks.
  • Exact Fred Meyer locations with cashing checks services: All locations that have gas stations, but the whole process of check-cashing has to be accomplished inside the chief store.
  • Limits: Checks totaling to above $5000 are not acceptable in any Fred Meyer location.
  • Primary Policies or restrictions: No identification documents no check-cashing; violation of any rule or guideline will result in severe consequences (severity of the consequence depends on the policy you violate).
  • Fees you must pay to receive cash checking services: The fees are the same as for Ralphs above, but there are no waivers whatsoever, regardless of the occasion or holiday.

Important Note: To find the exact Fred Meyer location near you, visit, click “show stores with…” and filter gas station. When you do this, the filter will help in locating the station closest to you, where you can access Fred Meyer cashing services.

Other Corner stores with check cashing services

Apart from the above two main stores that cash all types of checks, here are other corner stores that cash some kinds of checks.


At Dillion’s locations, one is allowed to cash government, payroll, tax refund, and insurance checks. However, some of their stations will reject some of your checks, therefore, making it a vital process for you to find out which location accepts which check.

The fees and limits are the same as for Ralphs and Fred Meyer. The only distinction is that in some locations you will have miss check cashing services for your specific check.

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