Does CVS Cash & Take Checks (Personal, Payroll & Stimulus)?

CVS is an American retail corporation that focuses majorly on health and wellness products. However, this does not mean they haven’t diversified into providing other services including money services.

If you are a CVS customer, you definitely would want to know whether the store can cash checks. This article explores the opportunities available for those who wish to cash checks at CVS Pharmacy stores.

Does CVS Cash Checks?

No, CVS does not cash checks but rather accepts check payments as indicated in the next section. However, you can find other places to cash checks including, convenience, corner, and grocery stores [1].

This means if you have a personal, payroll, or stimulus check that you need to be cashed, CVS is not the best place for you. You would have to look for alternative stores, gas stations, or even banks.

Queries about Specific Checks

For clarity purposes, we will address each type of check directly in this section.

  1. Payroll ChecksCVS does not cash payroll checks. To cash these you would have to check stores such as Walmart or Target.
  2. Cashier’s ChecksCVS does not cash cashier’s checks. You would have to go for alternative check cashing service providers.
  3. Personal ChecksCVS does not cash personal checks. We advise you to check the best personal check-cashing places.

CVS Cashier’s Check

A cashier’s check is a secure way to make large payments for your retail products and services.

The check is usually written by a financial institution such as a bank or credit union against its funds.

When you request a cashier’s check from your bank, your money is transferred from the account to the bank’s account, and then the bank representative signs it over to a named third party.

Unfortunately, this kind of check is not accepted at CVS.

Does CVS Take Checks as a Payment?

Yes, CVS accepts checks such as business checks as a form of payment for their merchandise.CVS check payment

Unfortunately, the company does not accept Cashier’s checks as a form of payment.

If you plan to use cash checks as a form of payment, be prepared to present a valid government photo ID especially when paying by personal and business checks.

How to pay with a Check at CVS stores

At the CVS company stores; you can get their products and other medical services in exchange for your check’s prescribed amount.

You will receive the checking services based on whether you are a guest or a CVS account holder.

Checking out as a guest may take you some time as you may include some billing and shipping charges.

Account holders, simply need to sign in to their CVS website account so that the company can auto-populate saved shipping and billing information.

As such, the company recommends all guests create a account to manage their extra care Savings and rewards online whenever they make a transaction with CVS.

However, you cannot get cashback when you pay with a check.

If you want to get cash at CVS, an alternative includes the ATM or paying with your debit and getting cash back over the purchase amount.

It has also been noticed that some locations do not accept starter checks issued with a new bank account. If you experience such a scenario, simply contact your local CVS for directions.

Alternative Payment Methods at CVS

If the check you have is not acceptable at CVS checkout, then you will definitely be forced to look for alternative payment methods.

For in-store purchases, CVS accepts cash, debit cards, credit cards, EBT, and ApplePay among others as payment methods. The fee varies from one method to another as determined by each checkout method provider.

For online and phone orders, CVS accepts USA-issued cards only that are branded as VISA, AMEX, Discover, and MasterCard.

FAQs on CVS Checks Policy

CVS Rain Check

At times a customer may issue a coupon to retail, guaranteeing that a sale item that is out of stock may be purchased by the customer at a later date and the same reduced price.

CVS sometimes advertise for their items that are out of stock at CVS so that they can issue a rain check to their customer.

The slip paper usually contains the sale price and the quantity you wish to buy or are limited to purchasing. At CVS, rain checks do not expire.

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