How to Deposit a Personal Check to a Prepaid Card

If you are wondering if it is possible to deposit a check to a card, then you will be surprised to learn a variety of ways to achieve that, which include using a mobile app or even doing it manually.

In this article, we explore ways to deposit or load personal checks onto prepaid cards, including the challenges you may face while at it.

Ways to Deposit/Load a Personal Check to a Prepaid Card

No one on earth dislikes being paid. After doing a task, we all love receiving that payment regardless of the form it comes in.

While others are usually paid in cash, there are those who get paid in checks. Now for those with personal checks, it means you have to find a way through which you can spend your money.

For those who use prepaid cards, the challenge is how to load or deposit your checks on the prepaid card.

Certainly, everyone wants to find the most optimal way of doing that without spending much money or if possible load for free.

Well, there are several options you can do that, and here are some of the most effective approaches you can use to load your personal check to a prepaid card.

1. Cash the Check

In 2018, Americans spent over $ 100 billion in check cashing amenities.

And when it comes to loading a prepaid card with your check, this option is always considered the most expensive.  Technically, you will have to pay twice; when cashing the check and also when depositing the cash into your card.

Kmart, Walmart, and several gas stations are some of the places where you can cash your personal checks. However, the costs can be between one to ten US dollars or even higher, depending on the location and size of your check.

For those of you who have used check-cashing stores, you understand that they are even worse because their fees are higher and sometimes can go up to 12 percent of the check balance.

Upon the successful cashing of your check, now you can visit your nearest cash reload center to deposit it into your prepaid card. Charges at these locations can go up to five US dollars for every transaction.

Again, because most of these locations also accept checks, it is, therefore, recommended that you just go straight to those locations and skip the check cashing costs.

However, you have to confirm first if your nearest reload location accepts the check or cash.

2. Load Cash to Bank Account

A large percentage of individuals who have loved using prepaid cards, also contain checking accounts and sometimes may not want to load all of their personal checks on their cards.

Well, if you belong to such a group, you can load your check to your bank account for free, either via the ATM or direct deposit, or teller.

Afterward, you can transfer the money from your account to your prepaid card at any time you want to do it.

3. Use a Mobile App to load the prepaid

Currently, there are several prepaid card mobile applications you can use to deposit your check to those cards.  All you need is a smartphone, the app, and the internet, and you will be good to kick-start the process.

First, when using a mobile app, you need to endorse the front and back of your check by authorizing t and lettering “For Mobile Deposit” below your signature.

Secondly, log into your app and enter the amount you intend to check, and lastly take a picture of the back and the front of your check and submit it for processing.

Kindly note that the processing may take up to 10-15 days, therefore, be patient when using the mobile app.

For instance, when using the NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card, the successful processing of a mobile check deposit can take a maximum of ten days.

However, in case you want to have your check processed on the same day, then you will have to pay an extra fee of about 1% to 4% depending on the amount of your check.

4. Direct Deposit

Direct deposit refers to the process of receiving the monies via the electronic system rather than through the usual paper checks.

This option is usually free across the globe for almost all prepaid cards and might even assist you in attaining access to your money up to three days earlier.

With some cards such as BBVA Compass ClearSpend Visa and Walmart MoneyCard, if you accept and use the direct deposit, you will make use of your prepaid card with no monthly charges.

Upload Check to Prepaid Card – FAQs

Now I understand that the process of loading a check to your prepaid card is complicated, and sometimes, several people find themselves with several unanswered questions about the whole process.

Well, while there are several questions about the same, the following is the most commonly asked one.

Can I deposit a check to a prepaid card?

Well, I also used to ask myself the same question several months ago. Definitely, you can load a check to a prepaid card.

And to do that there are several options available. For instance, you can do it using the mobile application or directly depositing the check into your prepaid card.

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