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Does Albertsons Take Google & Samsung Pay?

Albertsons Google Pay

Samsung Pay and Google Pay are some of the recently developed payment systems and digital wallets that have been adopted on large scale.

Retailers such as Albertsons are ripe candidates for such digital payment systems. It is for this reason that we explore the viability of both Google Pay and Samsung pay at Albertsons.

Does Albertsons Have Google Pay?

Yes, Customers will find a link to Google Pay within the Just U App for easier access to contactless credit and debit transactions.

Albertsons accepts Google Pay especially in its stores with contactless payment to help transfer money from one user to another, and get discounts from partnered stores among other convenient services.

How to use Google Pay at Albertsons Stores

This new technology should not trouble any customer because it is easy and fast requiring only simple steps;

  • Step One: Open the Google Pay App.
  • Step Two: At the top left tap menu and go to payment methods.
  • Step Three: Next to the payment method, set up contactless payments to enable this method, and then follow the instructions to verify your payment method.

If you are not interested in the default payment to buy something, you can always change to your default payment method or switch the payment methods for specific purchases.

Does Albertsons accept Samsung Pay?

No, Customers are advised not to use Samsung Pay at Albertson because this payment method is not accepted.

Although the company does not provide a concrete reason for not accepting Samsung Pay, the possible reason must be because they are trying to push a competitor solution.

How Samsung Pay works at stores that accept it

Samsung Pay applies the concept of two technologies NFC and MST that allow it to work almost at any location. From the lock screen, swipe up from the small Samsung Pay bar and select the card you wish to pay with.

You then have to place your finger on the fingerprint scanner to verify – using the iris scan or entering your PIN. Once the payment is made, you will receive a notification confirming the merchant’s name and the amount.

Stores that accept Both Google and Samsung Pay

If you want to use both Google and Samsung Pay for the store services, you can visit the following stores situated in different locations

  • McDonald
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Chevron
  • JetBlue
  • Nike

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