Does ALDI Cash Checks & Money Orders?

Some retail stores do cash checks as a way of providing convenience for the customers to access funds easily which may encourage them to use the funds at the store.

In some cases, retail stores may accept checks as a form of payment so that customers who do not have cash at hand can deposit checks with the retail stores.

In this post, we explore whether ALDI cashes checks; takes checks as a form of payment, and whether they do buy or sell money orders.

Does ALDI Cash Checks?

No, ALDI does not cash checks because the stores do not have the capacity to handle the high volume of cash transactions that are usually needed to succeed in a check-cashing business.

ALDI check cashing
ALDI Store Outlet

Does ALDI Take Checks?

No, ALDI does not take checks as a form of payment in their stores. This means the customer would have to go for alternative forms of payment such as EBT, SNAP, debit cards, and credit cards.

Does ALDI do Money Orders?

No, according to the company representative we talked to, ALDI neither sells nor buys money orders at the moment. For such, you would have to look for alternative stores that do money orders.

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