Harris Teeter Check Cashing Policy (Personal & Stimulus)

Harris Teeter is an American regional supermarket chain, headquartered in Matthews, North Carolina.

The grocery store offers various selections of fresh produce, meats & seafood, baked goods, and other products. Harris Teeter may also offer money services.

Harris Teeter Check Cashing Policy

So, does Harris Teeter cash checks?

Yes, Harris Teeter does cash payroll and stimulus checks for their employees only. This means you cannot cash any other type of check at Harris Teeter even if you are an employee.Harris Teeter check cashing

To cash your check at the Harris Teeter store outlets, you must present a valid payroll or stimulus check to the cashier accompanied by a valid government-issued ID document such as a driver’s license or Passport.

Checks Not Cashed at Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter does not cash the following checks:

  • Government checks
  • Tax refund checks
  • Personal checks
  • Travelers’ checks

Harris Teeter Check Cashback

The Harris Teeter check cashback is an offer in which customers get cashback offers when they use their checks to pay for goods at the Harris Teeter stores.

This serves as a viable and beneficial alternative to traditional check cashing. First, it is viable because the customers can still use the money on their checks directly without withdrawing it.

Second, the cashback serves as a form of discount which they would have otherwise not received if they paid using cash or credit cards.

FAQs on Harris Teeter Check Cashing

In this section, we will explore some of your questions concerning the check cashing services at Harris Teeter.

Does Harris Teeter cash stimulus checks?

Yes, Harris Teeter does cash stimulus checks as long as they belong to their employees or to customers who have VIC cards.

Does Harris Teeter cash personal checks?

No, Harris Teeter does not cash personal checks because of the fear of the risk of cashing a bad (fake) check.

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