Does Dollar General Cash & Take Checks (Personal & Payroll)?

Some customers have been wondering if Dollar General Corporation offers cash checks and we have chosen to research and respond to this question with certainty.

The following information will leave you smiling as you plan to cash your check with Dollar General.

Does Dollar General Cash Checks?

No, Dollar General does not offer check cashing services, but instead, accepts checks as a payment method during checkout, as discussed in detail below.Dollar General check cashing

You can pay for your products now from any of the Dollar General near you using the checks.

The Company accepts personal and business checks as payment, provided you show a valid form of ID and the check passes the Certegy Check verification process.

Dollar General Check Systems

Dollar General Check system currently accepts cash checks electronically.

To enjoy these services, you need to write a check to the cashier who will implement the steps regarding a check.

You will then sign the pin pad and the cashier will hand you the check after some verification.

The check will contain a VOID written several times across the font. After a few seconds, the money will come from the account on the check, just as if you swiped your card.

Dollar General Corporation uses this kind of system for cash checks because many checks have bounced by waiting till the next day to be it to the bank.

Dollar General Return Check Policy

If you want to return an item to the Dollar General stores after realizing an error, your refund will be processed according to the following policy.

  • In cases where the item was a gift, a store credit will be issued to the original purchaser.
  • Items purchased at a retail store may only be returned to a retail store within 30 days of the original purchase date.
  • The item must be returned with the receipt.

Dollar General Alternatives for Check services

For customers who would like to experience cash check service from alternative stores, they can visit the following company stores.

  • Murphy USA – Murphy accepts cash checks for their products upon order. These stores are situated in different positions such as the El Dorado around 422 N Washington Ave and 200 E Peach St.
  • Rite Aid – the company takes cash checks for ordering retail products and offers health care services. You can enjoy its services if you visit the stores in Camp Hill, United States.
  • Walgreens – This company accepts cash checks through its pharmaceutical store chain services. Its stores are located in various regions such as Deerfield, Illinois United States.

Dollar General Check Payment

Does Dollar General accept check payments?

Yes, Dollar General stores take checks as a payment method during checkout. This means you can now pay for your commodities or merchandise using a personal or payroll check.

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