Does Family Fare Cash Checks (Payroll & Stimulus)?

If you have ever received a check from your family, you may be wondering if it is possible to cash it at Family Fare. The answer to that question is Yes – Family Fare does offer check cashing services.

In this blog post, we will provide more information about the check cashing process at Family Fare, as well as some tips on how to make the process as smooth as possible. Thanks for reading!

Does Family Fare Cash Checks?

Yes, you can cash a check at any Family Fare store near you if you are a Family Fare customer.

Family Fare check cashing policy
Family Fare store

At all Family Fare stores, the check-cashing services are based on the customer’s loyalty history, so newer customers or those who have presented forged checks in the past, may not be able to take the advantage of receiving their cash via a check.

If you are signed up for the Family Fare store’s loyalty program and have your shopper’s card with you, that might make the cash check service easier, based on the store chain you visit.

The check-cashing policies vary by location and the policy at one local Family Fare store will likely be different from another.

In most Family Fare stores, you will typically need to present a government-issued photo ID, and your name, address, and telephone number for you to receive the funds corresponding to your issued check.

It is good to check for the cash checking requirement at any of their stores around you before you plan to visit them.

FAQs on Family Fare Check Cashing Policy

Does Family Fare cash payroll checks?

Yes, Family Fare cash payroll checks for its customers at all its stores in different locations.

The fees charged on the Payroll checks at Family Fare varies based on the location but usually average between $3-$6 depending on the amount of check.

Does Family Fare cash stimulus checks?

Yes, Family Fare does cash stimulus checks as long as they are valid. However, this service is only permitted to the Family Fare customer, who must present their loyalty card.

When the check that you will have provided exceeds the maximum acceptable check amount, the check will be refused. When we last checked, Family Fare customers were not allowed to cash stimulus checks that exceed $100k.

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