Fred Meyer Check Cashing Policy: Personal & Payroll

All kinds of clients from all parts of the world wishing to cash their checks at Fred Meyer are expected to do so without violating the set rules and regulations of check cashing.

The common policies that you should be aware of include you can cash your business, insurance settlement, tax refund, and payroll checks.

Also, you are expected to confirm the time of operation for your specific Fred Meyer branch and the fees you are required to pay to facilitate the process of cashing your check.

Does Fred Meyer Cash Checks?

Yes, Fred Meyer does cash personal, payroll, tax refund, and third-party checks in most of their branches.

However, confirm if your specific check is acceptable in that location by contacting the care team through the available channels, including online platforms or physically visiting the branches by yourself.Fred Meyer check cashing policy

I know you may be asking yourself the question – why do I need to confirm first?  Note that as much as Fred Meyer accepts most types of checks, some of their branches, due to logistical reasons may not be processing certain types of checks.

Therefore, you will have wasted your time if you moved your home, all the way, to the branch near you only to be told that your check is acceptable in another branch.

Nevertheless, these are some of the checks that are acceptable in almost all branches:

  1. Tax refund checks
  2. Insurance settlement checks
  3. Business checks
  4. Payroll checks

Also, do not forget to carry your identification documents, especially if you are not Fred Meyer customer. The IDs acceptable include Resident Alien ID, US Passport, State issued ID, Driving License, and Matricula Consular ID.

Fred Meyer Check-cashing Hours

As an esteemed client of Fred Meyer, you are always advised to check the operation time. That will help you save on time and transport wastage to your nearest branch, only to find it closed.

With that regard, you should be informed that throughout the week, that is seven days, a large percentage of Fred Meyer branches open at 8 am and close at 8 pm.

However, you should always confirm with your branch, especially if it a holiday, because some branches tend to close earlier during this time.

Fred Meyer Check-cashing Policy

At all times, clients at Fred Meyer are expected to respect and adhere to the rules and regulations of their specific branches so that they can be served smoothly during the check-cashing process.

Some of the key policies that apply I almost all Fred Meyer branches, including the usage of identification cards, which is compulsory for non-customers.

The other policy concerns the type of checks acceptable in a given branch. Some check types are not acceptable in particular locations, and therefore, you shouldn’t create a commotion when sent away by the agents.

The issue of check forgery is also strictly condemned by the management across all branches.

If your check is suspected to be fake, it will be rejected, and at times if you fail to give a proper explanation for that, you might end up being prosecuted in court.

Fred Meyer Check Cashing Fee & Limit

From time to time fees and limits across Fred Meyer branches are updated to ensure that clients receive quality cash checking services for fewer charges.  However, the standard charge for you to cash your checks is $3.49 for each check.

Meaning you can have as many checks as possible, but never forget that they should not exceed $1,999.99 because if you do, you will pay more.

Once your checks are above $2,000.01, but below $5,000, you will have to pay $5.99 for each check. Checks above $5,000.01 are not accepted.

Fred Meyer Check-cashing Services

Clients from all parts of the world are usually amazed by check cashing services at Fred Meyer because of the broach range of checks that are acceptable across their branches.

Again, the fees for cashing their checks are affordable and much lower than in some banks and stores across the USA.


  1. Clients without accounts or those who have not signed with Fred Meyer are always advised to produce an identification document, with information that matches their names on their checks.
  2. The agents will verify this before one is allowed to cash his or her checks.

Personal check cashing at Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer has over the years been identified as one of the best places one can cash their personal checks.

However, before you are allowed to cash such checks, you are expected to read and understand the policies controlling the cashing of such checks because the partaking branches could be having slightly different policies.

Again, you should remember that not all Fred Meyer branches accept personal checks. Thus, you should confirm this in advance to avoid being sent away, hence wasting your precious time.

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