How to Get Free & Single Checks from Bank of America Now

Can one get free checks from Bank of America? Well, in this article I examine the various tricks and tips to use when you want to get the cheapest Bank of America Checks. We address both free and single checks at Bank of America.

Before you order the checks by phone read what we have here below and understand if Bank of America gives free checks.

So we will not only explain how to get the cheapest checks but also show you some of the common Bank of America check designs.

How to Get Free Checks from Bank of America

Are you in need of free checks from the Bank of America? Here are some of the ways through which you will be able to secure free checks from BOA.

#1. Open BoA Interest Checking Account

The first way is to open a Bank of America interest checking account, a process that cannot take you more than two hours. Once you have the BOA interest checking account, then you are guaranteed free cashier’s checks.

#2. Negotiate with a BoA Agent

The second option is through online negotiation with the BOA agent. In essence, you go to the Bank of America online chat, inform the BOA agent that you need to order a single check, and request that they waive the $7 shipping fee as well as other fees.

This approach has worked for several clients across America, and therefore, you should try it also, if you need free checks from the Bank of America.

#3. Maximise BoA Waiver Periods

Another alternative to getting free checks from Bank of America is by making use of the Bank of America waiver periods or seasons [1].

Certainly, just like any other top US bank, BOA has waiver seasons during which their esteemed clients are allowed to access free checks from BOA.

Usually, the period happens randomly and it is up to you to keep in touch with BOA to maximize that opportunity.

In particular, you can keep in touch through social media platforms or subscribe to BOA online newsletters, which are usually sent to clients through emails.

It is through those newsletters and social media that you will be able to be informed about the period during which BOA will allow their clients to get free checks.

Note, there are several social media fraudsters, who spread false information. You should be extra careful when using social media to get BOA news.

Types of Checks at Bank of America

At the Bank of America, you will have access to cashing various types of checks, but the following three are the most common.

#1 Cashier’s checks

To secure a cashier’s check you should visit any BOA branch near with your government-issued identification documents, the exact amount of your check, the name of the payee, and the precise bank information.

Once you have given the teller all this information, he or she will issue you with a printed and signed check.

The BOA gives cashier’s checks to all its clients with a savings or checking account at a minimal fee of $10.00.

#2 Certified checks

A certified check is a personal check that the BOA signs and certifies as a security that you have money in your bank account and that your signature is valid.

#3 Money orders

For the money orders, the BOA charges $5.00 with a $1000.00 cap. Other banks might be cheaper.

Therefore, clients are always advised to carefully analyze and compare the costs of buying money from different banks before they settle on a particular bank.

Bank of America Check Designs

The following are some of Bank of America’s check design images:

Bank of America Free Check Design
BoA Check Design

Note: The designs do change from time to time, however, regardless of the design of the check you receive, you are always advised to make sure it is a genuine check.

You can confirm the authenticity of your Bank of America check through their customer care team, who are always available to assist you.

Bank of America Check Fees & Rates

Each of the Bank of America checking accounts – core checking, safe balance banking, and interest checking – has its monthly maintenance fee.

The BOA core checking account has a monthly maintenance fee of $12, which is usually waived with at least a single direct deposit of two hundred and fifty per month or keeps a minimum daily balance of 1,500.00 US dollars.

The BOA interest checking account consists of a monthly fee of about $26, but this value varies from one branch to another.

The fee is usually waived if you have a minimum of $10,000.00 balance in all your connected bank accounts. Note that your linked bank accounts include bank accounts from other banks across the globe.

For the case of BOA safe balance banking be prepared to pay a monthly maintenance fee of 4.95 US dollars which is nonwaivable.

This is the lowest-fee option at BOA, but it is important to note that this option does not allow overdrafts or include checks.

How much do checks cost at Bank of America?

When you order checks for a personal account at the BOA, you will be charged an average cost of $30.00.

If you require a cashier’s check, commonly needed for brokerage transactions or real estate purchases, you will be charged $10.00 per check.

However, before you visit any BOA branch, you are requested to make inquiries through their online platforms, which are fast and efficient.

Through their online platforms, you will get answers as to how much it costs for your specific check thereby enabling you to carry a sufficient amount of cash when going to buy a check at any BOA branch.

If you have a cashier’s check be prepared to pay a $10.00 checking fee at the Bank of America. Nevertheless, clients who have a BOA interest checking account are lucky because they get the cashier’s check without paying any fee.

The BOA cashier’s check fee is equitably standard for the industry.

Some prominent banks like Wells Fargo, Capital One, and Citibank also charge the same amount as the Bank of America – $10.00 hence the reason why I say it is a standard fee.

For information regarding the Bank of America fees and rates, you are advised to visit the nearest branch or contact the branch through the customer care given on their website or through their email.

Please Note: the BOA customer care team is faster in responding to their esteemed clients.

Cheapest Bank of America Checks

No one enjoys paying higher fees for any kind of checks that are issued by various banks across the globe. Each day individuals are striving to find a bank that issues them with the cheapest checks, regardless of its physical location.

At the Bank of America, you have access to some of the cheapest checks if not free.  Some of the cheapest checks at BOA include cashier’s checks and personal checks.

It is best for you to compare the costs of checks for various financial institutions to find the cheapest bank of your choice.

Note that in the current digital age, you can easily get information regarding different banks of your choice, which you can apply in identifying the bank that offers the cheapest checks.

Therefore, as much as the BOA has some of the cheapest checks, you may find that the process of obtaining them is tedious as opposed to obtaining an expensive check from another bank.

Can I Get a Single Check from BOA now?

Yes, you can get a single check from the Bank of America right now. All you need to do is visit your nearest BOA branch, with the operational government-issued identification documents and request the check.

Once you are at your nearest branch you will be issued with the application form, read carefully through it before filling it.

Where you do not understand during the application process, consult the BOA agents. When you are done, submit the form and wait to be issued with your single check, with your specified amount written on it.

Ordering Checks Online from Bank of America

You may be wondering, ‘How do I order Bank of America checks online’? Well, to order checks online from the Bank of America, you can use the BoA Phone App or go directly to their website.

#1. Order checks using the BoA app

If you do not have the BOA app, you will need to install it on your phone first. After you have installed it, register by keying in your details in a stepwise process as guided by the app.

Afterward, your account will be verified, and you will be allowed to log into your account.

Now, once you are logged into your account on your mobile app, you have access to numerous options. For instance, you can talk to the agents to assist you with the application process of the check or order the check on your own.

Therefore, through the BOA app, you will have ordered your check using your phone.

#2. Order checks using the BoA website

On any of your web browsers, search for the BOA website, log into your account, and click on the account you need checks for. After that, click on “Help and support” and then “more topics.”  The ‘order checks’ option will be available to you.

If you are not registered, you will have to register first before you are allowed to access the online check order services.

The process is quite fast and straightforward, and it enables you to order checks from BOA from any location across the globe using your phone.

FAQs on Bank of America Checks Order

Bank of America Address for Personal Checks

Typically, your personal check is required to have the identity of the associated bank. However, the BOA’s address is optional.

In other words, that is to say, you are allowed not to include the BOA address on your personal check if you do not want to.

Bank of America check reorder phone number

The phone number for reordering checks at bank of America is 844-375-7028. For other checking and savings needs, you can use 800-432-1000 if you are within the USA, or +1-315-724-4022 if you are out of the USA territory [2].

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