Friendly Check Cashing Near Me: Fees & Hours

For over thirty years now, Friendly Check Cashing has offered affordable, confidential, and convenient financial services to people living in various parts of America.

Its check-cashing services can be accessed by all clients, including those from other financial institutions without an account.

In most branches, the check-cashing services are available for 12 hours in a day, but some locations offer this service 24/7 for an affordable fee.

Who is Friendly Check Cashing?

Several people, if asked to describe Friendly Check Cashing, will give distinct answers based on their experience at their various branches close to them.

For instance, one can say that it is my best company that offers me a chance to cash my checks at an affordable price. From this example, we are already informed that this is a company that is offering check cashing services in the USA.

Another, however, will describe it as a family organization that gives the best financial services, including check cashing to all people in a friendly manner.

Now one unique thing that distinguishes this company from other banks is that the staff here have been appropriately trained to deal with clients in a friendly way when serving all types of clients.

It is, therefore, a place where one besides being served very fast when cashing their checks, leaves a happy person, because of the way the agents treat and handle them.

In essence, in all Friendly Check Cashing locations, individuals are made to develop a sense of belonging, hence remaining loyal in using their check cashing services at all times.

Friendly Check Cashing fees

Never forget that check cashing at Friendly is speedy for lesser fees! Having stated that, individuals with handwritten personal checks will pay $4.99 for checks amounting to less than $100.

When the checks are above $100, you will pay 5% of the total amount of your check.

For instance, if your check is $200, then you will pay a fee of $10.00 (i.e., 5/100 x 200 = 10).

Those persons that have electronically printed government and payroll checks, will pay $5 for check cashing totaling up to $250.

Once the check is $251 and above, the person will be expected to pay 2% of the total amount of the check.  For example, if your check value is $300, then you will pay a fee of $6 (i.e. 2/100×300 = 6).

You can clearly tell that cashing a personal check is more expensive than when cashing the other types of checks.

However, still, these fees are relatively small when compared with other “big banks.”  Therefore, you should make use of this opportunity to cash your checks for less at any Friendly location near you.

Friendly Check Cashing Hours

Now, the operating time usually varies from one location to another. For instance, in your location, the branch could open at 7 am and close at 9 pm, and another branch in another location could open at 8 am and close at 10 pm.

Also, there are those Friendly branches that operate 24/7, and there are those that close on Sundays.

During holidays, there are those branches that close completely, while there are those that open at 7 am and close at 12 pm or 4 pm.

It is, therefore, entirely up to you to find out the time your branch opens and closes so that you do miss cashing your checks when you need to it most.

For you to get to know the operation time of your location, it’s pretty simple; you can either contact the customer care team or visit and key in your location to get the operating times for your branch.

Friendly Check Cashing Near me

Now, being in operation for several years, Friendly Check Cashing has opened its branches in various locations across the USA.

Please note that before the decision to open a branch in any location is reached on, the company has to confirm if there is a demand for their check cashing services in a given location.

Based on the good check aching services, Friendly has opened branches in several locations. Check out if your location has been listed here, if not you can visit to confirm if they are offering these services in your locality.

Friendly check cashing Somerville NJ

If you are living or you are planning to visit or relocate to Somerville New Jersey (NJ), then your check cashing services are well catered for.

At this location, Friendly has opened up stations to serve clients needing check cashing services at a pocket-friendly fee.

Anytime you want to be assisted with directions to their branches in Somerville, you are advised to contact their customer care team or visit Friendly Check Cashing, and you will be directed to their stations.

Friendly check cashing Plainfield NJ

All types of checks are acceptable in Friendly stations situated in Plainfield New Jersey (NJ).

Clients living in this location are, however, advised always to carry their identification documents so that they can be served well for a short period of time.

In the past, it was reported that a large number of people living in this area, used to forget their IDs at home, therefore, slowing the process of check cashing.  For directions, if you are situated here visit Yelp Link

Friendly check cashing Oxford NC

If your state is North Carolina and in particular situated in Oxford, then you are lucky because you are surrounded by Friendly Check cashing branches.

It is time for you to pay fewer fees for high limits when cashing your checks in Friendly Check Cashing company. For directions, you can always visit their website or call them at (919) 690-0918.

Friendly check cashing Rocky Mount NC

Rocky Mount is a place where people are always transacting in various business deals. Therefore, there is a great need for check cashing, so as to finish up certain deals, especially those that require urgent cash.

At Friendly Check Cashing, we understand the urgency and importance of business transactions happening at the right time.

Therefore, clients living in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, can smile because they can cash their checks and receive the money within a day at Friendly.

All you need to do is visit their branch and follow the instructions given, regarding the process of cashing checks.

Friendly check cashing Jacksonville NC

North Carolina State in the USA, especially in Jacksonville, has several places where you can cash your checks, but it is only at Friendly locations that you can get these services for less fee and faster processing.

Also, if clients want to be assisted with directions, the customer care team for the Friendly branch in Jacksonville is always at standby to help.

Simply call them at +1 910-938-2940. However, you should note that the branch closes at 8 pm.

Friendly check cashing Elizabeth NJ

Elizabeth in New Jersey is a location where people with check cashing service needs can always do it cheaply at Friendly.

The company has come up with rates for specific checks based on amounts for you to use as a guideline on how much you will pay. Kindly check it out, including the directions at Yellow Pages Link.

Friendly check cashing Fayetteville NC

Are you living in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and looking for a place to cash your check? If so, then you should try Friendly.

Several individuals living in this location, have tried and are now loyal clients, whose check cashing services are always done here.

In case you are not sure about the directions of their branch, visit here and key in Fayetteville in the find place option, so that you get assisted with directions.

Friendly check cashing Lynn Haven FL

The direction to the Friendly location in Lynn Haven Florida can easily be obtained by contacting the agents of this esteemed Franchise using their phone number +1 850-265-1937.

Remember that you will pay less as fees than in any other location, but always read and adhere to the policies concerning the check cashing services at this area.

Friendly check cashing Goldsboro NC

In this specific locality, people of all kinds, regardless of whether they are living or have traveled to Goldsboro, North Carolina, are allowed to access check-cashing services at Friendly.

The branch in this location is located in this address: 332 N Spence Ave, Goldsboro, NC 27534, USA.

The branch opens at 9 am and closes at 9 pm on Saturdays and does not operate on Sunday. For more of these details concerning opening and closing, hours visit here

Friendly check cashing Greenville NC

For those customers living in North Carolina, in particular in Greenville, and are wondering if Friendly Check Cashing is available, the answer is yes.

The details about their location can be obtained online at or call their agent any time you want as they are available 24/7.

Friendly check cashing Burlington NC

If living in this location, use this address: 653 E Webb Ave, Burlington, NC 27217, USA, to find Friendly branch. Here you will be guaranteed of best check cashing services at a reduced fee.

However, if you violate any policy meant to help in the process of check cashing, you will be sent away without receiving these services.

Friendly check cashing Panama City Beach FL

Anytime you find yourself in Panama City Beach, Florida and you are in need of check-cashing services, do not fail to visit the Friendly branch for the best check-cashing services at friendly rates.

The cashiers in this location can help in case you are not aware of the fees; therefore, you are guaranteed the best services all the time you visit Friendly.

Friendly check cashing Chatsworth GA

If you open link 2, you will be able to see important details including the direction to the Friendly branch in Georgia.

You will have a great opportunity of saving the money you spend on cashing your checks, especially if you are a regular in cashing various types of checks.

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