Where to Get (Buy) Money Orders: Banks, Stores & Places

Are you looking for places to get a money order near you? Well, this article will provide a detailed list of the money order locations accessible to you.

With increased money transfer transactions all over the world, a money order sits in a strategic position as one of the methods through which money moves from one person to the other.

What is a Money Order?

A money order is a transaction document with a monetary value that operates like personal checks. For a long time, money orders have been used as a safer way to send money from one person or organization to another person or organization.

The main difference between a money order and a personal check is the fact they tend to get paid for in advance, while checks are prepaid for. Money orders tend to be safer because of the prepaying arrangement.

Another aspect that promotes its worldwide acceptability is the cost. Money orders are generally cheaper when compared to most money transfer methods, especially when handling large sums of money.

Who Needs a Money Order?

When should one use a money order? Well, as stated earlier in this article, there are many methods used for the transfer of funds between two parties.

There are instances, however, when the use of a money order is recommended or becomes the only viable option.

Money orders are suitable for:

  1. People who want to pay bills, but somehow don’t have to check accounts
  2. People who wish to mail money. Instead of inserting dollar notes in an envelope and mailing them to your friend or relative, you may need to consider just buying a money order for this purpose.
  3. People who wish to avoid cases of bouncing checks. Since money orders are prepaid for, the recipient would be guaranteed pay.
  4. International money transfers. Do you intend to send money internationally? Well, a money order may be a suitable option for you
  5. Secure payment and money transfer – as already stated, the security measures employed in the process of acquiring a money order ensure nearly zero cases of fraud.

Where to Get Money Orders

Are you like, where can I get a money order near me? Well, in this section I will list popular places to buy money orders in the US.

At the onset, I should state that there are many places, and would probably take the whole day to list all places in the US where you can get money orders.Where to buy money orders

However, that notwithstanding, I will try and summarize how you can access the sellers as indicated below:

#1 Family Fare Money Orders

Family Fare stores also sell money orders near you. So if you can access one near you, just walk in and order a money order.

The applicable fees, limits, and payment methods are indicated in the table below. Feel free to visit the Family Fare store locator for more info

TypeWestern Union

#2 Walmart Money Orders

Walmart is indeed one of the places to get your money order. Money orders here are of the money gram type. The payment methods involve the use of a cash transaction, Walmart Debit card, or any other PIN-based Card.

The table below shows all you need to know about the limits and the cost of buying money orders at this amazing retail store.


#3 USPS Money Orders

The USPS (United States Postal Service) is also another renowned seller of money orders. However, it should be noted that the money orders sold here are of the type called postal money orders.

Apart from the ordinary postal money orders the USPS also offers special money orders for the military facilities which are referred to as postal military money orders.

For more about the USPS stores near you to buy money orders visit this link.

You can also check the table below for more on fees and limits.

TypePostal Money Order
Cost$1.25 (up to $500). $1.65 (up to $1000)

#4 CVS Money Orders

CVS Pharmacy stores can easily be located in most parts of the United States. You can, therefore, walk into of the stores and get yourself a money order.

Notably, the limit here is $499 for money order transactions. See more on the same in the table below.


#5 Kroger Money Orders

Kroger is a shopping store, but it also sells money orders. This diversification by Kroger makes life easier for its customers as they get the opportunity to do several things under the same roof.

See the table below for the details

TypeWestern Union

#6 Bank of America

Like many banks in the US, you can also get a money order at Bank of America branches near you. Notably, they have an irritating $5 charge for each of the money orders purchased.

Remember, you can also make use of their personal schedule arrangement if you need personal attention or further consultation on the same.

TypeBank Money Order
Limit $1000

#7 Kmart Money orders

If you are planning to buy money orders at Kmart, then you are not really wrong. The retail stores also sell money orders. The table below shows the applicable limits and fees at Kmart.

TypeWestern Union

#8 Meijer

Meijer is also another good seller of money orders. So feel free to visit them, especially if they are found within your locality. It is one of the sellers that have capped the upper limit at $500. For more see the table below.

TypeWestern Union

#9 Rite Aid Money Order

Does Rite Aid sell money orders? Yes! You can always buy money orders at Rite Aid. The store locator can direct you further. For more on limits, check the table below.

TypeWestern Union

#10 7-eleven Money orders

7/11 is another popular selling point for money orders. See the table below for the exploration of the limits and fees of buying money orders at 7-11 stores.


#11 Chase Bank

Chase Bank branches can also supply you with money orders to buy. The charges here are similar to many other banks. See the table below.

TypeBank Money Order
Limit$500 or above (in some banks)

#12 Walgreens Money Orders

You can always buy money orders at Walgreens stores near you. The store locator can direct you further. For more on limits, check the table below. Notably, the limit here is $1000


#13 Publix Money Orders

You can also buy money orders at Publix. The prevailing fees and limits are as shown below. You can also follow this link to go to their store locator near you

TypeMoney Order

#14 Money Order Online

Did you know you can purchase money orders online? Well, all you need to do is visit the money gram website and self-serve.

What to do Before Buying a Money Order

How do I buy the money order? It may be obvious to some, but it is not common knowledge for everyone how to start the process once inside the bank or store selling money orders.

First, you want to contact the clerk or the customer care desk and inform them of what you want

  • You specify the amount of the money order.
  • You may also ask for their limits if you suspect that the amount you wish to transact is above the limit.
  • The clerks would then get back to you with advice on what and how to do it.

Where and How to Cash Money Orders

You can cash your money orders in many places. In fact, you can always cash a money order at the places that sell them.

Therefore, the list above could also be used to guide you on how and where to convert the money order you have into cash.

For detailed guidelines on where to cash money orders read this article about where to cash money orders conveniently.

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