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How to Get a Checking Account while on ChexSystems

The issue of being denied a chance to open a bank account because of negative information in your report by ChexSystems is affecting several people at the moment.

People are not able to go on with their normal business, because they lack checking accounts and are not informed of the available alternatives that can save them.

If you are one of those individuals suffering out there, here are several options you can capitalize on to have a checking account regardless of your negative or bad information in the report by ChexSystems.

Visit and open checking accounts with non-ChexSystems banks near you

In case you have tried to secure a checking account in several banks and have been denied, then the main reason could be that you are visiting only those banks that are using ChexSystems reports.

Once you visit any of the following banks that do not use ChexSystems to screen their possible clients, then you will be assured of securing a checking account so easily.


Today, you can open a Chime checking account from home as long as you have access to the internet and a smartphone. Chime does not use ChexSystems report, and therefore, you will be allowed to open an account even with a bad report.

Opening a checking account at Chime will take you a maximum of 2 minutes. Having a Chime checking account comes with several benefits:

  • Balance and Mobile daily notifications
  • Receive Paycheck two days earlier
  • Robotic savings programs
  • Nil required a minimum balance
  • No concealed, foreign, or overdraft transaction fees
  • Chime Visa debit card

Wells Fargo

This is one of the biggest financial institutions in the USA that allows people to obtain a checking account without considering their ChexSystems report.

Once you have applied for an Opportunity Checking account at Wells Fargo, you will enjoy the following:

  • Access 13,000 ATMs
  • Free mobile banking
  • Very less early deposit at $24.95
  • Easily escape monthly fees
  • Standard banking characteristics: bill pay, debit card, checks
  • Access to 5,800 branches countrywide

Navy Federal Credit Union

As one of the renowned credit unions that offers services to reservists, active duty, and veteran service members, the institution does not use ChexSystems reports screening its clients.

The following are vital features of their checking account that you should note:

  • No monthly fee
  • Online statements
  • Thousands of free ATMs
  • Free mobile banking app
  • Free scan and mobile deposits
  • Frees online banking website
  • Free bill pays

Capital One

This is one of the best banks in the USA, known for offering its service to clients with bad reports by ChexSystems.  You can get a checking account here and get access to the following features:

  • Online Bill payment
  • Charges-free structure
  • Free mobile and online checking
  • No balance limits or minimums
  • Flexible overdraft choices
  • Access to 39,000 free ATMs

N/B: Our list contains four renowned financial institutions that do not use ChexSystems to give checking accounts to applicants.

Other many more banks that do the same, and you can find them online by simply searching “banks offering checking accounts without using ChexSystems reports).

Clear yourself from ChexSystems and get a checking account instantly

The process of clearing your name when you find errors in the reports by ChexSystems can take you a few months, but it is worth it because you will receive your freedom of opening a checking account in any bank freely.

Simply visit ChexSystems and talk to their agents on how you can be assisted to clear your name within the shortest time possible.

In case, you contact ChexSystems, and they fail to respond to you within 30 days, you will be removed from the negative report because they will have violated federal law.

That way, you will be able to open another checking account without banks finding a negative item about your past in the ChexSystems.

You can read our other article on the guaranteed ChexSystems removal steps to follow and avoid the challenges that come with having a negative banking record history.

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