Giant Eagle Check Cashing Policies, Hours & Fees

For residents of Ohio, Pennsylvania Maryland, Indiana, and West Virginia, the question ‘Does Giant Eagle cash checks?’ is not unique. They are aware of this company’s existence in their community.

Just to eradicate any doubt, Giant eagle, handled in this article, is an American Supermarket Chain store founded in the early 1930s.

It has about 220 branches across the United States under brands such as Giant Eagle, Market District, Giant Eagle Express, and market District Express.

Does Giant Eagle Cash Checks?

Well, the short answer is Yes! Giant Eagle does cash most checks that are clearly defined in their check and money order policies.

Giant Eagle Check Cashing Policy

Before you cash a check at Giant Eagle you need to have identification documents such as Military ID, Government-issued ID, or a valid driver’s license.

These are then used to apply for the Giant Eagle Advantage Card which is a form of reward card issued by the company.

It is worth noting here that the Advantage Card is NOT a debit or credit card, but is a necessity when one wants to cash or write a check at Giant Eagle.

The accepted checks at the Giant eagle outlets throughout the country are Government and Employer checks. This means other checks such as tax refunds, payroll, and gift checks cannot be chased at the Giant Eagle outlets.

Giant Eagle Check Cashing Hours

Check-cashing at Giant Eagle varies according to the opening hours of the branches. Most branches or outlets open for about 14 hours a day starting at 7 am and ending at 9 pm.

Therefore, if you wish to cash checks in some of the branches it would be prudent to aim to have the check cashed within the 14-hour window.

Giant Eagle Check Cashing Limit & Fees

Giant Eagle charges variable fees for cashing checks in their outlets. The limits and fees are determined by each outlet according to the amount one wishes to cash at the store.

However, it should be noted that the cashing fees are generally competitive when compared to other check cashing agencies.

Does Giant Eagle Use Telecheck

Yes, Giant Eagle uses Telecheck to determine if your check has a higher risk of fraud based on statistical data collected for similar checks.

However, those who know how Telecheck works understand that you can always counter any negative report that may lead to the check being rejected.

FAQS on Giant Check Cashing

#1 Does Giant Cash Stimulus Checks?

Well, the stimulus checks fall in the category of government checks because they tend to be issued by the government. As such you can cash stimulus checks at a Giant Eagle outlet near you.

#2 Does Giant Eagle Cash personal checks

No, Giant Eagle does not cash personal checks as this is clearly defined in their check cashing policy. The only checks accepted at the store, as already stated here above, are government and employer checks.

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