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10+ Grocery Stores that Cash Checks

Do you know that you can cash checks in your nearest grocery? Most groceries are known for selling other products and services, but there are several of them that offer check-cashing services.

In this article, we identify for you some of the best groceries where you can cash your checks.

However, the rules and regulations for obtaining cash checking services differ from one grocery to another, and you are expected to respect them at all times.

Do Grocery Stores Cash Checks?

Yes, they offer cash checking services. In fact, some grocery stores are considered by clients as best in rendering these services than ‘prominent banks.

Most people prefer grocery stores because their policies regarding check cashing are less stringent and the fees are not as high as in some banks.

Again, the customer care team at the grocery stores is always willing to assist their clients concerning the available options through which they can follow to cash their checks.

For instance, some stores have got mobile applications for check cashing, and therefore, clients, especially new ones, need to be helped on how to use such alternatives to lower congestion in stores.

List of Grocery Stores that Cash Checks Near me

Here is a list of some of the prominent check-cashing grocery stores, where you can convert your checks into solid cash.

Note that, our list contains only a few of the most prominent groceries round, but you can always enquire from any grocery near you if they are offering to check cashing services.

#1. Baker’s

In this grocery, the checks primarily acceptable include insurance, payroll, government, tax refund, and business checks. The fees for cashing your checks usually depend on the amount of your check.

For example, those with checks summing to 2,000 USD and less, will pay $3.50, but when the amount is over 2,000 USD but less than 5,000 USD, then you will be required to pay $5.50.

Important Note: For you to cash your checks at Baker’s, you will need to show your genuine and active Social Security digit or taxpayer ID digit and a state-issued ID.

#2. Food Lion

The fees for cashing your checks at Food Lion depend on your location or state. The checks mostly accepted include US Traveler’s check, rebate, government, payroll, and tax refund checks.

Confirm the limits for each category so that you do not get frustrated when doing the transaction.

Also, take note of the important policies that all clients are required to satisfy before their checks are accepted for processing.

For example, the application of ID shouldn’t be forgotten by anyone. Also, check with the customer care team the operating hours for you to plan well when visiting for their services.

#3. Food City

Does Food City cash checks? Yes, Food City is one of the grocery stores that do cash a variety of checks. Before you are allowed to cash your check, you must show your federal or state-given ID.

The Food City check-cashing fee is affordable because individuals will pay only $2.99 per check as fees for all their checks.

Please note that Food City accepts checks such as rebate checks not exceeding $1000, payroll checks, and the USA government checks.

#4. Fry’s Food Stores

Here your government, tax refund, payroll, business, and insurance checks can be cashed at any time, as long as you do not violate the policies for this process.

Confirm the fees before visiting by simply calling Fry’s Food Stores agents because the fees at times tend to differ from one location to another.

#5. BI-LO

Does BI-LO cash checks? Yes, BI-LO does cash checks in most of the outlets as long as the check you have is a personal check. This means you cannot cash government, stimulus, or handwritten checks at BI-LO stores.

Grocery Stores that Cash Personal Checks

While all other types of checks are accepted in almost all grocery stores that offer check cashing services, personal checks can only be cashed in any of the following stores.

Kindly note that there are others, the ones listed here, are just some of the top and popular stores for personal checks.

  • Food Lion – check the fees and other requirements online at
  • Giant Eagle – policies have been placed for customers cashing personal checks to follow at all times. Any violation done knowingly or unknowingly can result in the rejection of your personal check.
  • Market Basket – personal checks of not over $50.00.
  • Publix – the fee is between 3 to 6 per personal check depending on its amount.

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