Does Hannaford Cash Checks (Personal & Payroll)?

Hannaford is a major food retailer was founded in 1883 and the company grew by establishing branches and opening stores throughout New England and Eastern Canada.

So, does Hannaford cash checks?

Yes, Hannaford does cash checks in almost all of its locations in the US. The check cashing policy at Hannaford supermarkets is standard and customers are likely to go through the same process when cashing their checks regardless of the store they visit.

Hannaford Check Cashing Policy

As stated here above, Hannaford cashes checks as per the company’s check cashing policy covering the areas discussed here below.

Hannaford Check Cashing Hours

Check cashing services at Hannaford can be executed during the normal hours of operation. However, it is generally recommended that you visit the store any time between 8 am and 6 pm to be guaranteed of the services.

Hannaford Check Cashing Fee & Limit

The Hannaford store representatives we spoke to were unanimous in their responses concerning the fees charged by Hannaford for their check cashing service.

It is clear that Hannaford charges a flat $1 per check during the check-cashing process.
The check cashing limits are $1 minimum and $1000 maximum.

Acceptable Checks at Hannaford

Stores tend to have a limit to the types of checks one can cash. At Hannaford, you can cash payroll, personal, and stimulus checks.

It is also worth noting here that the checks must be printed and not handwritten because Hannaford rejects handwritten checks.

FAQs about Hannaford Check Services

Does Hannaford accept personal checks?

Yes, you can cash personal checks at Hannaford because they are acceptable. All you need to have before you cash the check is a valid government-issued ID document.

Can I write a check at Hannaford?

Yes, you can definitely write a check at Hannaford by following the in-store check writing policy, which basically involves the use of an electronic system to scan and sign the checks therefore not requiring you to manually fill the blank checks.

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