Does Carlie C’s IGA Cash Personal Checks?

Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) is a grocery store chain that offers customers the option to cash checks. This can be a helpful service for customers who do not have a bank account or for those who need to cash a check quickly.

Learn more about IGA’s check cashing policy and how to cash a check at an IGA store.

Does IGA Cash Checks?

Yes, Carlie C’s IGA does cash checks in most of the stores in the US. Some of the checks you can cash at IGA stores include payroll and government checks.

IGA check cashing
IGA Store

IGA Check Cashing Policy

Carlie C’s IGA check cashing policy covers several aspects of the standard check cashing process which include, identification, authentication, fees, limits, and types of checks.

Identification: IGA check cashing policy provides that you must have a valid government-issued ID such as a driving license, passport or military ID, and Employment Verification

Authentication: Check is authenticated internally before they are cashed. Return customers may have their biometric records used to hasten the check-cashing process.

Check Types: Carlie C’s IGA stores accept only government and payroll checks. The government checks accepted at IGA include stimulus checks.

Fees & Limits: IGA provides that the maximum value of checks cashed at their stores is $1000. The check-cashing fee is $5 per check. Also, you can only cash a maximum of 1 check per week.

NB: IGA does not perform credit checks as a precondition to accessing the check-cashing services.


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