Does Ingles Cash Checks (Personal, Payroll & Stimulus)?

Ingles Market is a company that was founded by David Ingles in 1973. The company has grown over the years and now operates 110 stores throughout the United States, primarily located in Southern California.

So, does Ingles cash checks?

Yes, Ingles does cash checks at most of their locations as long as the customer has a valid government-issued ID and the Ingles Advantage Card.

Ingles Check Cashing Policy

To cash a check at Ingles Markets stores, one must present a valid payroll or stimulus check whose value falls below the stipulated limit. It should be noted that the check must be printed and not handwritten for it to be considered cashable.

Ingles Check Cashing Fee & Limit

Ingles charges a fee of $2 to $5 per check for the check cashing service. The store has a maximum check cashing limit of $250. This means checks must be valued at 250 dollars or below.

Types of Checks cashed at Ingles Markets

Ingles Markets cashes only two types of checks namely payroll and government (stimulus) checks. This then means that Ingles Markets does not cash other types of checks that include personal, third-party, insurance, and banker’s checks.

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Ingles Money Order Policy

Having been informed of the check-cashing policy at the Ingles stores, we sought to know if they sell and/or cash money orders and the answers we received the following report.

Does Ingles Cash (Buy) Money Orders?

No, Ingles does not cash money orders at all. If you are looking for similar stores that can cash money orders consider reading our other post on the best places to cash a money order.

Does Ingles Sell Money Orders?

Yes, Ingles Markets sells Western Union money orders in their stores. In most cases, the store charges a fee of about $0.7 with a maximum single money order value limit of $1000.

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