King Soopers Check Cashing Fee, Hours, Policies & Limits

Learn if and how you can cash a check at King Soopers. As a supermarket brand of Kroger, King Soopers has a vast network of outlets or branches that many can access to cash their checks.

Does King Soopers Cash Checks?

You are probably wondering if it is possible to cash a check and King Soopers, and how much the whole process would be. I have got your back on this one.

Well, you can cash a check at the nearest King Soopers offices at affordable rates, with fees starting at $3 for a lower limit of $2000. The only condition here is you must have a shopper’s card to enjoy the unique privilege.

How Can I Cash Checks at King Soopers?

The check-cashing process at King Sooper is as simple as possible in the sense that all you need to do is to avail your check to the money services center.

You should have personal identification documents such as a current photo ID and a valid Social security number.

King Soopers proudly states that their check cashing services are better than competitors because of:

  • the ability to access check cashing services in over 2000 stores throughout the US
  • the opportunity to reap benefits associated with having loyalty cards commonly referred to as Shopper’s Card or 123 Reward Card
  • no conditions associated with having mandatory membership/registration.
  • the opportunity to access lower check cashing fees
  • the opportunity to do both check cashing and grocery shopping under one roof

King Soopers Check Cashing Policy

At King Soopers, the check cashing policies are somewhat friendly and there is no unique requirement, especially when compared to other check cashing agencies or stores.

However, it should be noted that the check must be one of the accepted types of checks, and the client (you) must have relevant personal identification details that also outline the authority one has to cash the checks.

Acceptable check types at King Soopers

There is a limit to the types of checks one can cash at King Soopers and you should know this before you even think of visiting the nearest outlet.

On their website, King Soopers states that the only acceptable checks are:

  1. Payroll checks
  2. government checks
  3. Income tax refund checks
  4. insurance settlement check
  5. Business check
  6. Child support checks
  7. Debit card cashing

NB: This, therefore, means King Soopers does NOT take personal, third party, and starter checks.

Check cashing Fees at King Soopers

You will only be motivated to use check-cashing service if you know that they will not slice a big chunk of your money as processing fees.

It is for this reason that we have to review the charges or cost of converting your check into cash at any of the many King Soopers outlets.

The fees vary according to the amount one transacts and whether or not they have enrolled for the 123 Reward card program. The check-cashing fees range from $3 for $1 to $2000 to $5.50 for those cashing over $2001 to $5000.

King Soopers check cashing Hours

As with many stores and financial institutions, check-cashing takes place within a defined time frame. So, it is only wise to try and know when is the best time to cash a check at King Soopers.

If you intend to access check cashing services at King Soopers, then you should take advantage of the 15-hour window on weekdays, because the money center is open as early as 7 am and closes as late as 10 pm in the evening.

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