Does Kmart Cash or Take Checks (Personal & Payroll)?

If you have a check that needs cashing, you may be wondering whether Kmart is a suitable place to cash it. That is why we have prepared this article.

Find out how you can cash a check at Kmart. This article explores the rules, hours, and limits of cashing checks at Kmart. we will also inform you if Kmart takes checks as a payment method.

Does Kmart Cash Checks?

Yes, Kmart does cash checks in most of the store outlets. You can cash payroll, tax refund, government, personal and two-party checks not exceeding $2000.

Kindly visit Kmart for more details regarding the available check-cashing amenities.

Note that they accept payroll checks, government checks, and two-party checks only. Also, before you are allowed to begin your checking activities, you are expected to produce valid identification documents.Kmart check cashing policy

The accepted ID documents are:

  1. US Passport
  2. State-Issued ID
  3. US Military ID
  4. Tribal ID
  5. Green Card (Permanent Resident Card/ Alien Registration Receipt)
  6. Mexican Matricula Consular ID
  7. US Driving License

Note that these documents do expire, thus it is important that you ensure that they are not expired when you want to cash your checks at Kmart because that will result in an automatic rejection of your checks.

Kmart Check Cashing Policy

Kmart’s rules and policies are meant to ensure the smooth flow of activities in all their stores across the USA and outside the USA.

The first policy you need to be aware of is the kind of checks they accept, which are government checks, two-party checks, and payroll checks.

Also, you need to be informed about their limits, as these are important rules that will guide you during your visit to any of their stores.

Therefore, note that government and payroll checks are not supposed to exceed $2,000.00, while personal and two-party checks are supposed to be a maximum of $500.00.

The last and most important policy is about the identification documents. No one is allowed to cash their checks at any Kmart store without any of the above-accepted identity documents.

Kindly, produce the hardcopy documentation of the IDs when you visit any of their stores to avoid being sent away.

Kmart Check Cashing Hours & Times

Being aware of the time Kmart closes and opens is critical as that will assist you in planning your day well.

Also, it will assist you to prevent unnecessary time and money wastages, especially if you travel long distances to find the store closed.

Based on that, please note that a large percentage of Kmart stores open up to 10 p.m. from Monday to Sunday.

There are a few that operate on a 24/7 basis, but for convenience, it is recommended that you check your nearest Kmart store to confirm the opening and closing times.

In fact, there are those stores that close earlier than 10 PM during Sundays and holidays. So, please ensure you confirm the time with your store.

Remember, you do not have to physically travel to their stores as you can access customer care on their website or social media pages.

Just search for ‘Kmart stores customer care services’ and you will receive the best aid services based on your queries.

Kmart Check Cashing Locations Near Me

The Kmart website contains all the Kmart locations where you can access the check-cashing services.

Use it as guidance and if you encounter any difficulties locating stores near you, please contact the Kmart customer care team to assist you.

Kmart MoneyHub Check Cashing

If your local Kmart store has MoneyHub services then it is most likely that it sells money orders [1].

N/B: In case you are not sure that your nearest store has a MoneyHub, then you can visit Kmart’s store locator and select your specific location.

Also, if you discover that your location has those services, then you are advised to call ahead to confirm if it sells the money orders.

In case you find out that your location does not have a MoneyHub service, you should not worry, because other several places such as the USPS sell their own money orders.

All you are expected to do is to search using the internet for these locations, hence no need for stress.

Check Payment at Kmart

Does Kmart take checks as a form of payment or checkout method?

Yes, Kmart accepts personal or payroll checks as payment. This means you can use these two check types to pay for your merchandise during checkout at any of the Kmart retail outlets.

Other payment methods accepted at Kmart include credit cards, cash, and even gift cards.

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