Kroger Check Cashing – Policy, Verification, Fees & Hours

Read more about all you need to know about cashing checks at Kroger.

In this article, I examine check cashing policies at Kroger, which includes the allowable hours or time of the day, and the applicable fees.

I will also briefly explain the check verification system at Kroger.

Does Kroger cash Checks?

Given the recent survey by the American financial experts, across the USA only a few people are aware of the checking cashing services provided by Kroger.

This may be because of poor marketing that needs to be addressed. Well, if you weren’t aware, Kroger is one of the few institutions that allow cashing of several kinds of checks with no hassle.

Kroger Personal Check policy

Before you get cleared to cash your check at Kroger, you must produce:

  • A valid national identity card or passport,

N/B Acceptable IDs include a state-issued ID, a U.S driver’s license, a temporary ID, a resident alien ID, a valid passport, reservation ID, a military ID, or a Matricula Consular ID.

  • Social security number
  • The check

Equally, you should be aware that at Kroger:

  • Payroll, government, corporate, tax refund, and insurance checks are accepted
  • Personal checks or money orders are not accepted

How to cash checks at Kroger

Are you wondering how to cash at Kroger? You shouldn’t be worried anymore because the process is shorter than you think. All you need to do:

  1. Visit one of the Kroger branches
  2. Ask to be directed to the check-cashing agents
  3. Inquire if your type of check is acceptable in that specific branch
  4. If it is acceptable, fill in your details in the check cashing request forms and attach your original documents including your check.
  5. Allow the agent to verify your details, and if all is correct, the process of check-cashing can go on,
  6. Proceed to the PIN pad screen and request the amount you want ($20, $40, $60 etc.)
  7. When you are done, make sure you sign the customers’ logbook, so that in case of an issue, you are easily identified and assisted.

Kroger Check Cashing Limits & Fees

At Kroger the check-cashing fees and limits vary from one branch to another, and also, are different for some checks.

The fee to cash a tax refund or government check is $3.

To cash a corporate, payroll, or insurance check is $5

Remember that any check cashed at Kroger can be loaded onto a 123-reward prepaid card for a fee of 3 US dollars. Additionally, personalized card reloads cannot exceed $1000 while temporary card reloads are only acceptable up to $500.

Most Kroger branches may not cash any government checks above $5000, however, during the tax period, some locations may agree to take refund checks up t$7500.

Kroger currency services reserve the right to refuse to cash payroll checks exceeding #950, and all branches do not cash personal checks.

Kroger Check Cashing hours

Given the current advancements in technology, several organizations, including Kroger are always open for 24 hours.  That is meant to serve the endless number of clients who are still in need of their services.

Kroger has several branches that operate on a 24/7 basis, but some of them on specific days close earlier. For example, there are those that close at 10 pm on Fridays while others serve up to 9 pm on Sundays.

It is, therefore, vital for you to find out if the Kroger locations near you operate on a 24/7 basis or not. Having such information will help you to avoid wasting time, and fuels to travel to a Kroger location near you, only to find it closed.

Visit or their social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) pages to find out more about the Kroger check cashing hours.

Kroger check cashing FAQs

On a daily basis, Kroger Customer care faces severe tasks of answering questions raised by numerous clients from all parts of the world.

It is a difficult task because a failure to respond to a client might ruin the Kroger marketing team’s strategy of attracting and retaining as many clients as possible.

To be able to appreciate the work of the Kroger customer care team, here are some of the frequently asked questions:

Can you cash a personal check at Kroger?

This is the most asked question of all, and the answer to it is No, you cannot cash personal checks at Kroger.

When you read through Kroger’s check cashing policy, under the section of which checks are accepted. You will note that it says that personal checks are not acceptable in all Kroger locations.

How much does it cost to cash a check at Kroger?

Cost is typically a determining factor of whether clients will access services from a given organization or not.

Being a primary factor, it is, therefore, obvious that individuals who are interested in Kroger check cashing services will be interested in knowing the rates for check cashing at Kroger.

At their sites, Kroger has listed their rates for check cashing. For instance, to cash, a tax refund or government check will cost you $3, while if you are to cash a corporate, payroll, or insurance check, you will pay $5.00.

With this information, you can now make quick decisions about whether you shall access your check cashing services at Kroger or you shall use other companies.

Can I cash a check at Kroger?

Yes, you can cash your check at any Kroger location. However, you should note that all other kinds of checks are accepted apart from personal checks.

Therefore, if you have a particular check you want to cash, try to find other companies within your area that accept personal checks.

What is the check-cashing policy at Kroger?

This is another frequently asked question by people from all various parts of the United States of America and the globe.

To ensure that there are sanity and order at Kroger locations, its management team has come with different policies:

  • You must enter with your check, valid ID, and have a social security number to be able to access check cashing services at Kroger.

How late can I cash a check at Kroger?

It is a question that can only be answered depending on your nearest Kroger location. Several of the Kroger locations operate 24hours while others operate up to 9 pm on Sundays and 10 pm on Fridays.

I recommend that you contact Kroger customer care through their landline number or social media platforms to be told if the location near you a 24-hour operating location is or not.

Can I write a check at Kroger and get cashback?

Yes, You can write a check to a maximum of $100 over your total check amount.  However, this is applicable if a specific Kroger location and bank allow for this.

Can I cash a Payroll Check at Kroger?

Yes. Payroll checks are listed amongst the accepted checks that you can cash at any Kroger location. You should produce a printed check and signed by you and the company where you are working.

However, in some locations, they do not accept government checks, therefore, if you are a public servant, you might find yourself moving from one branch to another.

To avoid that, it is recommended that you do thorough research about the location you intend to use.

That way you will be able to save time and transport, by going directly to a given Kroger location that can cash your specific type of check.

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