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Does Love’s Cash Checks (Personal, EFS & Payroll)?

Love's check cashing

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores is a chain of truck stops and convenience stores in the US, headquartered in Oklahoma.

The stores also provide other non-traditional services to their customers as a way of trying and meeting the diverse customer needs.

This article explores the state of check-cashing services at Love’s Travel Stops % Country Stores.

Does Love’s Cash Checks?

Yes, Love’s does cash checks in some of the outlets. In order to cash the check, the usual terms and conditions associated with check cashing must be met.

Love's check cashing
Love’s Travel Stop

You must provide a valid ID and an authentic check payable to you before you can cash it. It should be noted that before the check is cashed it will have to be verified.

It should be noted that Love’s cashes payroll checks only. This means the Love’s Travel stops & County Stores outlets do not cash other types of checks including personal, cashier’s, stimulus, or temporary checks.

Love’s Check Cashing Fee

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores charges a fee of 3% of the check value or $3 to cash a check, depending on which one is greater. For example, a check valued at $100 would incur a check cashing fee of $3 dollars.

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