Does Market Basket Cash Checks (Personal & Stimulus)?

If you’ve ever needed to cash a check and didn’t have a bank account, you may have wondered if Market Basket does that. Wonder no more! This blog post will tell you all about Market Basket’s check cashing policies. Keep reading!

Does Market Basket Cash Checks?

Yes, Market Basket does cash different kinds of checks to their potential customers that are always on the go, especially those with a loyalty card for the store.

The stores usually have Coinstar machines that enable them to turn their customer’s checks into cash instantly.

Market Basket check cashing policy
Market Basket

Market Basket Check Cashing Policy

All Market Basket customers that need to cash their checks require to provide their valid IDs such as a state-issued ID, driver’s license, military ID, or passport. The ID number or license number must be written on the check.

You should also sign the back of the check on the endorsement line using a signature that matches the name on the front of the check.

The cashing limit and fee usually differ based on the location of the store. Therefore, it is better to contact the store near you for the cashing limit information.

The check cashing service usually gets customers in the store and once they have cashed their check, they may stay and should.

Market Basket Check-cashing Card

The good news to all Market Basket customers is that the check cashing card services are now available.

You can now use your Market Basket customer card to purchase the items you need if the value of the items corresponds with the card amount.

If you are not sure of the amount on your card, you can visit any Market Basket store and inquire about a cashier to check the balance for you.

FAQs on Market Basket Cash Checking

Does Market Basket cash personal checks?

Yes, you can now cash your check at any Market Check store near you only if you are their customer.

Market Basket understands how important convenience is for you when you need cash using your check that has the amount corresponding to what you need to withdraw or be more at a fee which may vary based on the amount to be withdrawn.

Does Market Basket cash payroll checks?

Yes, all Market Basket customers have a reason to smile today because they can cash their payroll checks at any Market Basket Store near them. When we checked last, Market Basket did not cash payroll checks of more than $1000

Does Market Basket cash stimulus checks?

No, we recently checked and found out that Market Basket does not cash stimulus checks in-store. Instead, you will have to visit an alternative retailer such as Walmart, Kroger or Safeway, or a nearby bank or credit union to get your stimulus check cashed.

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