Meijer Check Cashing Policy: Personal & Payroll Checks

Reading this article will make you one of the most informed persons as you will have the chance to know more about Meijer Check Cashing services.

In essence, we inform you about the store’s operating hours (opening and closing), fees they charge for check cashing services, and most importantly, the type of checks acceptable across their locations.

Does Meijer Cash Checks?

Yes, Meijer does cash checks for all customers irrespective of their socioeconomic background.

However, before you are allowed to do the transactions, here is are important notes that you should keep in mind.meijer check cashing policy

Clients who require Meijer cashing check services must first subscribe or register for the Certegy verification program. Once you have done this, you will go home and wait for seven days at most, for the process to be successfully completed.

If the verification process is efficacious, you will be allowed to cash any of the following checks

    • Government checks
    • Payroll checks
    • Personal checks
    • Business checks
    • Traveler’s checks

However, before that happens, you will be asked to show your photo IDs (it has to be active or valid as at that date you are cashing your check), and any of the following identification documents will be accepted:

    • Government given IDs
    • Military IDs

If you are a visitor, you can complete your dealings at the client service desk at any time or day of the week.

For your check to be accepted, it has to be written within 30 days. Checks older than a month are rejected instantly.

Other important details as fees and cashing hours are discussed in the subsequent sections.

Meijer Check Cashing Policy

Meijer Check Cashing Fee

As noted above, the most acceptable and preferred types of checks at Meijer locations are Government and payroll checks.

Therefore, it is vital that as our esteemed client, you are informed about the amount you will have to pay to have your transactions completed.

How much does Meijer charge to cash checks?

Well, the check cashing fees at Meijer stores varies from one location to another. Nevertheless, the fees have never gone above $4.99, neither has it ever been below $2.99.

N/B: The limit for those with payroll checks is $999.99 and $1,999.99 for government checks. If your check is above this limit, you will be asked to divide it into two or try it somewhere else, where the limits will allow you.

Meijer Check Cashing Hours

As with any other organization, the time of operation is wholly reliant on the location of the Meijer store. Those stores located in a secure area, open up to 12 am, and others even operate 24/7.

One should note that in most cases the secure locations are usually near the security organizations, police camps, or military bases.

Locations that are considered insecure due to past historical criminal events usually close as early as 8 pm. Other centers even close at 6.30 pm.

The opening time for all locations, except those operating 24/7, is usually between 6.00 am and 8.00 pm.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that you confirm the operating hours with your location agents, including details about the time the store closes, especially during holidays.

Acceptable Checks for Cashing at Meijer

As already stated above, cashing checks at Meijer requires that your checks are verified, but there is one more important thing you need to know about payroll checks.

Meijer payroll check-cashing

Apart from the limits and fees for payroll checks at Meijer, it is important to note that your checks are required to be dully signed to authenticate that you are sure you want to cash them.

This can be done electronically, where you can use your computer to sign the check or have it stamped.

Handwritten signs are not very much accepted or recommended, but in some locations, you may be allowed to sign using your hands.

Again, such important information needs to be confirmed from the Meijer client care team, who are always available to help you anytime throughout the week.

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