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Mobile Check Cashing for Prepaid Card Loading

Mobile check cashing for prepaid card loading

If you have a check that you need to upload to a prepaid card then this article is for you. People face challenges whenever they wish to load their cards, and this is made worse if the money to be loaded is in the form of a check.

I will also explore some of the mobile check deposit apps to help you in the process.

What is Mobile Check Cashing?

Mobile check cashing is a feature that offers you a chance to cash your checks on your schedule, from any location across the globe, without having to visit an ATM or bank.

All an individual is expected to have is the smartphone, the internet connection, and the right application. The applications that support mobile check cashing can be obtained from the Google play store.

Mobile Check Cashing Apps

At the moment almost all banks have applications that their clients can use to cash their checks without visiting the banks.

Luckily, if your bank does not have an application yet, you still have a chance to try out any of the following mobile check cashing applications and conveniently cash your check online.

#1 Lodefast check cashing mobile app

The Lodefast mobile application enables you to cash your check using your phone from any location across the world.

Just like any other online check cashing apps, there is a check processing fee, which you are required to inquire from their customer team before you make use of their services.

#2 Ingo Money

The Ingo money app is the most popular mobile app with options for small business as well as consumers.

The application has options of depositing cash onto your prepaid card by MasterCard, Visa or American Express. Also, you can cash your checks into your Amazon or PayPal account.

The Ingo mobile app guarantees your money within ten days for free, although if you wish to fasten the processing, there is an option for a fee. Therefore, it is up to you to choose the option you prefer most.

What is Prepaid Card Loading?

Prepaid card loading refers to the process of adding cash to your prepaid cards. The prepaid cards are the plastic options of carrying your money around and most people call them everyday cards.

Unlike the credit cards, when using the prepaid cards you are spending your money instead of borrowing. Once the money on your card is exhausted, you top it up- prepaid card loading.

Check Deposit Apps for Prepaid Cards

Today everything has been made easier, you can now load your prepaid cards using the check deposit apps from any location across the world.

What you need to do is to install any of the following apps in your tablet or smartphone to enjoy the check deposit services.

#1 Check Cashing Store App

By applying the check cashing store mobile application you can cash your checks directly to your preferred bank.

All you are expected to do is to take a picture of your check and upload it to the check cashing store application. Afterward, you will be notified whether or not your check has been approved.

#2 Waleteros application

The Waleteros app gives you an opportunity to cash your checks to a prepaid Visa, Waleteros, which you can use to pay your bills.

An issue worth noting here is that Waleteros just like any other check cashing apps, you are expected to sign up, after which you receive a virtual card.

Nevertheless, you are required to pay keen interest on the fees to avoid being overcharged.

#3 Boost Mobile Wallet application

The Boost Mobile Wallet app is outstandingly speedy and several users will have access to their money just minutes after submitting the pictures of their checks.

The fees for using the Boost Mobile Wallet application start at 1.95 US Dollars per month.

Nevertheless, there are additional fees for some kinds of deposits like mobile check cashing and special services such as card replacement.

To note is that the Boost Mobile Wallet app is a subscription based application. Therefore it can be superlative if you find yourself depositing numerous checks in a month.

#4 ACE mobile loads application

Ingo Money provides the ACE mobile loads app. This mobile application enables you to load your funds directly onto your ACE Elite Prepaid Debit Card.

All you are expected to do is to download the app, log in and follow the simple steps to cash your check successfully.

Prepaid Debit Cards with Mobile Check Deposit

If you are looking to deposit a personal check to a prepaid card, then you need to now that the following are some of the optimal prepaid debit cards with mobile check deposit you can use.

#1 The American Express Serve Free Reloads

The card allows you to have access to free online bill pay, free early direct deposit and fraud protection. You get the card for free if you order online or pay 3.95 US dollars if you choose to buy it from a retail location.

#2 NetSpend Prepaid

NetSpend allows you to load funds onto your account using the mobile check deposit. The NetSpend card comes with a few exceptional security features.

Further, with this card, your money can be protected from fraudulent purchases if you report any suspicious incidents right away.

#3 Walmart MoneyCard Visa

The Walmart MoneyCard Visa is usually best for Walmart shoppers.  The card comes with mobile check deposit, free direct deposit, as well as wired bill pay.

How to Upload Check to Prepaid Card

Uploading a check to the prepaid card is a simple process. First of all, ensure you have downloaded a prepaid card mobile app that supports your specific card.

Validate the back of your check by signing it and writing underneath your sing ‘for mobile deposit.’

After that, log into your mobile application, enter the specific amount of the check you are about to upload and take a photo of the back and front of your check and press to enter on your mobile app.

When you are done, wait for a verification message to ensure that your check has been accepted and is under processing.

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