Northgate Market Check Cashing Policy, Fees and Limits

For many people, Northgate is the go-to place for all their shopping needs. But what about when you need to cash a check? Does Northgate have a check-cashing service? Read on to find out!

Does Northgate Cash Checks?

Yes, all Northgate Market stores do cash different types of checks, including personal and government checks.

To enjoy the cash checking at Northgate Market, you will need to provide a government-issued photo ID and a social security number.

Customers with paycheck or government checks, including the social security check, will enjoy check-cashing services after verification of their Identity.

Does Northgate Market cash checks
Northgate Market Store

Note that check cashing services at all Northgate stores charge fees for processing checks and must disclose these fees upfront.

The fee charges on each check vary depending on the type and the amount of check cashing. For example, Northgate stores charge 2.9% to cash government checks over $1,500, and 9.9% for government checks.

It is essential to understand the fees before using a check cashing service at any Northgate store near you For example if a check-cashing service charges a 2% fee to cash your check of $1,500, that amounts to $30, leaving you with take-home pay of $1,470

Some Northgate stores may require you to prove whether you are a regular customer by showing a store loyalty card, usually designed to limit the stores’ risk.

Today, Northgate grocery stores use electronic systems to verify before accepting a check.  When you present your check, the cashier inserts the check into a scanner or enters the check details manually on the screen for verification.

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