Does Save Mart Cash Checks (Payroll & Personal)?

Save Mart is part of the Save Mart Supermarket stores that include stores such as S-Mart, Lucky, and Food Maxx. The stores offer various money services.

In this post, we inform you whether it is possible to cash checks at Save Mart.

Does Save Mart Cash Checks?

No, Save Mart does not cash checks at the moment. The Save Mart support staff has confirmed this saying customers will be updated accordingly in the future if the services are introduced.

However, you will be happy to note that Save Mart accepts checks as a payment option, which means you can use a check to pay for grocers at the store.

Save Mart check cashing policy
Save Mart Supermarkets

Paying with Check at Save Mart

If you plan on paying at Save Mart using a check then you better take note of the following terms and conditions.

  • The checks you present must be made out directly to the store and written for the current date.
  • The present check must have the customer’s name printed on them, and should include their address.
  • The customer must have a valid form of identification issued by the government, and whose names match those preprinted on the check.

Check Cashback at Save Mart

Customers who pay with credit cards may get cashback at the Save Mart store. The cashback comes in the form of checks. So despite not cashing checks, Save Mart may give you a check if you qualify for the cashback program.

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