Does Stater Bros. Cash Checks (Payroll & Stimulus)?

If you’ve ever needed to cash a check and didn’t have an account at a bank, then you might have considered cashing your check at Stater Bros.

A quick search online will show that there are plenty of people wondering if Stater Bros. does check cashing, and the answer is yes! You can use the in-store kiosks or the service desk to cash checks up to $7000.

In this blog post, we’ll explain the fees associated with cashing checks at Stater Bros. and tell you what you need to bring with you when you go. Keep reading to learn more!

Does Stater Bros. Cash Checks?

Yes, Stater Bros. does cash checks, but the policy may vary from one location to another. For example, some stores may require that you have an account with them in order to cash a check, while others may not.

If you’re looking to cash a check, it’s best to call ahead and ask your local store about their specific policies.Stater Bros. check cashing policy

That said, most locations should be able to help you out if you need some quick cash.

What Types of Checks Does Stater Bros Cash?

At Stater Bros, you can cash payroll, personal, and government (stimulus) checks. However, they do not cash third-party checks.

This is because third-party checks can be fraudulent and may contain stolen account information. They strive to protect their customers from any potential harm that could come from cashing these types of checks.

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