Does Stop and Shop Cash Checks (Payroll & Personal)?

Stop and Shop offers many convenient services to its customers, including money services. But does Stop and Shop actually cash checks?

The answer may surprise you. Here we will break down the check cashing Policy at Stop and Shop and help you determine whether or not they will cash your check.

Does Stop & Shop Cash Checks?

Yes, Stop and Shop does cash government and payroll checks, with a reasonable limit on the amount.

Just bring your check to the customer service desk, along with a valid form of identification.Stop and Shop check cashing policy

They also offer convenient check cashing services for non-government checks. For more information, please visit their website or call customer service.

Stop and Shop Check Cashing Limit & Fee

Stop and Shop do have a check cashing limit of $500. Additionally, there is a $0.50 fee for each check cashed.

However, it is worth noting here that when paying using checks, you may be allowed to spend more than the $500 limit for check cashing.

It should also be noted that Stop and Shop do offer cashback when one uses personal checks to make a payment at any of their stores.

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