Two-Party Personal Check: Rules, Meaning & Cashing

You may have heard people speak of two-party checks, or checks made out to more than one person and wondered what they are and how they work.

Well, this article will first define what a two-party check is before diving deep into the rules and policies governing the cashing of such checks.

What is a 2-Party Check?

Just as the name indicates, two-party, means only two individuals, groups, or partners are involved in the transaction.  Therefore, it is a check that is usually payable to two distinct parties.

Typically, if it is payable to party X and party Y, then ratification is lawful only if signed by these two parties.  However, if it is payable to either of the two parties (X or Y), then a single party is legally required to endorse.

Two-Party Check Deposit

You can load the 2-party check at any bank of your choice. The condition, however, is that that bank must have or is already offering the checking services for this kind of check.

Remember, based on the rules and policies of each bank, this kind of check may be accepted in some banks or stores and rejected in others.

Before you deposit a two-party check, you are advised to contact your store or bank before doing it.  Also, you should not deposit this kind of check through an ATM, because most definitely the bank will reject it.

Note that if the bank discovers that your check is infringing any of its policies, the fines or punishment may be severe before you are finally off the hook.

An Important TIP:  In most instances, individuals are happier if they request the payer to write two distinct checks.  For checks given by government parastatals, an individual has to call or send them an email or text for the reissued check.

2-Party Check Cashing at Walmart

On several websites and social media platforms, I find people asking questions about the cashing of the two-party checks.

Most interestingly, most are inquiring about the places they can access these services.  For instance, I have across the question, “Does Walmart cash two-party personal checks?”, several times.

There are several answers given by different people to this question. Nevertheless, the fact remains that yes, Walmart does cash 2-party personal checks.  You can access their services at any of their stores near you.

When you reach out for their check-cashing services, you need to be aware of the following:

  1. They cash 2-party checks of up to a maximum of $1000 at a fee of three US Dollars, or
  2. Checks ranging from 1,000.01 – 5,000.00 US Dollars ($7,500.00 for tax season, from Jan to April) at a fee of six US Dollars.

2-Party Check Cashing Places Near Me

Are you searching for places, especially close to your locality, where you can cash your 2-party checks? Well, search no more, because if you are in the USA, you can access their services in any of the following places.


In the USA, there are over 30 stores of Kmart from which you can cash our 2-party check. Of importance to note is that some locations of these stores charge $1.00 while there are others that charge as low as 50 cents.

Also, there are those that offer these services for free. Just confirm from their website your nearest Kmart store.

USA Check Cashing Store

There are several stores in the US with good customer care teams, which will assist you in receiving their services as quickly as possible. Their fees differ from one location to another.

Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer is found in the western USA, within the states of Idaho, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington.

At any of their stores, clientele are allowed to cash 2-party checks worth up to a maximum of $5,000.00 and the fee ranges from three to five US Dollars.

The above are the top three places in the USA, where you can access the 2-part check cashing services. Note, that these are not the only location, there are 100 locations including banks and groceries that offer these services.

How to Cash a Two-party Check with One Signature

Customers are usually allowed to cash a two-party check with two signatures. Nevertheless, when that check is payable to party X or party Y, then you can cash it with a single signature.

Therefore, cashing two-party checks with one signature is made possible under one condition, if X or Y individuals are to receive the check.

All you are expected to do is verify with your bank or store if it is possible to cash such a check with only one person who has signed it.

If you are allowed, give the documentation you will be asked and the process will flow smoothly.

However, if that particular location doesn’t accept such a check (signed by one individual instead of two), kindly try another place.

Two-Party Check Cashing Laws & Rules

The rules and regulations about the cashing of 2-party checks are purely based on individual organizations or banks that offer these services.  However, two general policies apply to all these institutions.

The first one is the use of ‘and’. For instance, if a check is payable to Individuals A and B, then it’s mandatory that both individuals provide their identifications and sign the check before it is accepted or deposited.

The second one is the application of “or”. In this case, Individual A or B can sign the check, and any bank will accept it.

Pertaining to other rules for limits and fees, please check with your specific bank or store.

2-Party Checks FAQs

The following question, you find it in most places online.

How to cash a Two-party check Without the Other Person

In case your check requires both parties to be present before the bank accepts it, then that remains so.

However, if the check does not make it mandatory for the other party to be present (i.e., not used “and” rule), then you can cash it without the other individual.

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