Does the Post Office Cash Checks (Payroll & Tax Refund)?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a government-operated postal system that delivers mail and packages to residences and businesses across the country.

But what some may not know is that the USPS also offers other services, like cashing checks. So, does post office cash checks? Let’s find out.

Does the Post Office Cash Checks?

Yes, the US Post Office (aka USPS) checks to all its customers at all its branches. All you need to do is take your national ID and the check you intend to cash at your nearest Post Office branch.

If you are at a Post Office and need to convert your check to cash, you simply need to use your check to purchase a money order, then convert that into cash.

Does the Post Office cash checks?
USPS Office

Money orders are usually sold at the Post Office and must be for the exact amount of the funds that your check is worth.

Alternatively, the Post Office can transfer your cash into the Post Office Customer card to be cash to be can via an Electronic system such as the ATM.

Note that the maximum amount you can cash at any branch is $1000.

For those who purchase the money order using a check in the name of a company or organization, they must present some form of identification to prove that they are the representative of that company.

FAQs on Check cashing at the Post Office

Does the Post Office cash tax refund checks?

Yes, Post Office can cash tax refund checks to all its customers at any of their branches provided the check is approved valid by the teller who verifies the customer’s name and address on the check.

Does the Post Office cash stimulus checks?

Yes, you can convert your stimulus check into cash, just by presenting your check to the Post Office Teller with your valid national ID. Note that the maximum amount of cash to be converted from a stimulus check is $1000

Does the Post Office cash cashier’s checks?

No, it is unfortunate that the last time we checked, Post Office was not offering cashiers’ cash check services. However, you can receive these services at any bank near you or any large financial institution.

Does the Post Office cash payroll checks?

No, Post Office cannot cash payroll checks at any of their branches.  The post office will not provide cash in exchange for the checks, and will instead let customers purchase a single-use gift card of up to $500.

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