Walmart Weekend Check Cashing (Sundays & Saturdays)

Can I cash checks at Walmart on Sundays, weekends, or holidays?Many people usually ask whether Walmart’s money services are available on weekends.

Well, in this article, you will learn about types, rules, and hours one cash checks at this massive retailer.

Does Walmart Cash Checks on Sundays?

Indeed, no one wants to spend their Sundays driving around town searching for the Walmart branch where they can cash their checks.

Therefore, it is essential to find out which branches open 24 hours on Sundays and which ones operate for half a day.

Well, you can cash checks on Sundays at most Walmart stores that operate from 6 am to 12 am, or those that open 24/7.

Through their online platforms, you can find your nearest Walmart and their time of operation on Sundays.

What Types of Checks Does Walmart Cash?

Yes! At Walmart, one can cash checks in any amount up to and including $5000. Walmart cash the following:

  1. Government Checks
  2. Cashier’s Checks
  3. Tax Checks
  4. Payroll Checks
  5. 401(k), retirement distribution checks
  6. Insurance settlement checks
  7. MoneyGram money orders that were bought at Walmart.

However, individuals should ensure that they adhere to the rules and regulations that have been set by the Walmart leaders to ensure that there are smooth check transactions.

Those found violating or going against the rules, risk having their checks rejected and probably denied chances of conducting any further dealings with Walmart.

Rules & Fees for Cashing Checks at Walmart

Just like in any other organization, Walmart has come up with rules and regulations to ensure that money is not unnecessarily lost during transactions.

The following two sections discuss these rules and the number of fees charged for cashing checks.

Walmart Check-cashing Rules

  • Ensure you sign your check before you go away
  • Be aware of your full social security number
  • Come with a valid government-issued ID or Passport (ensure they are not expired)
  • The handwritten or personal checks are not accepted
  • Never berate the services desk associate if the printer can’t read your check. Here, you should note that tears, wrinkled, or blemishes near or on the digits at the bottommost of the check will most likely make it unreadable by the Walmart reader or printer.
  • Never berate the services desk subordinate when Certegy rejects your check.
  • A check for less than $1000 will take out a $3 fee, and a check for $1000 or more will take out double the initial amount ($6).

Walmart Check-cashing Fees

Cashing your checks at Walmart is relatively cheaper than you expected, with payments precisely based on the amount of the check you want to cash:

  • If your checks are up to and including $ 1000 you will pay $ 3.00
  • If your checks are over $1000 up to and including $ 5000 you will pay $ 6.00

About the charge fees, it is worth noting that while cashing checks at Walmart, you can receive your funds in cash, or have the money loaded to your Walmart MoneyCard.

Also, the $3 reload fee is usually waived for the card when it is charged via cash checking.

However, the above charges for cashing checks still apply. What you should do to avoid the $3.00 issuance fee is to purchase a Walmart MoneyCard for $3.00 at any checkout lane or through the online system.

Walmart Cash Check Hours

Can I cash a Check at Walmart anytime?

Several Walmart stores stop cashing checks once the service desk or the Money Center has been closed. At the Walmart Supercenters cashing checks are usually open 24/7.

However, in a few locations, the operation for cashing checks is between 7.00 am to 11.00 pm.

Therefore, to answer your question, whether you can cash checks at Walmart anytime, it depends on the Walmart branch.

Some operate 24/7, while others close at 11 pm, so it is up to you to know the operation time of the branch where you want to do your transactions.

The information about the operation times for different Walmart stores is available online. You can visit their website or social media platforms to have access to such information.

This is important because it saves your time, as you will be informed about your nearest Walmart-time of operation.

Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks?

The question can I cash a personal check at Walmart is a commonly asked question. The answer to this question is no, Walmart does not cash personal checks.

However, the only kind of personal check they can probably consider cashing is the certified check.

This information is vital and should be taken seriously to avoid unnecessary fights between the management and the clients. These fights usually occur when clients are less informed about their checks and where they can cash them.

How to Cash a Check at Walmart

Before going about the check cashing at Walmart, it is important you understand that:

  1. First and foremost, Walmart can only cash printed checks such as tax refunds or payroll checks. Handwritten checks are not accepted.
  2. Secondly, you must have your original ID or passport and have your social security number.
  3. Third, you should remember that Walmart is not a bank. It has to through a secondary corporation to cash checks.

Therefore, some checks might be rejected or be delayed. Consequently, you should be patient and be informed about all the Walmart cashing checks policies to prevent such issues.

Walmart Checks Coupon

Often, organizations give gifts and offer to attract new clients and motivate their old clients to stay loyal. The same also applies at Walmart; the check coupons are made available to all clients.

However, to access such a coupon one has to meet some conditions like, for example, you have to buy goods worth above $100 and have your printed check to receive a 5% offer on all goods purchased.

Walmart Checks Customer Service

Are you having questions about cash checking at Walmart? Contact the Walmart checks customer care service:

  • Phone (24/7 operation): 1-866-925-2432, or
  • Visit their website:, for further assistance.

More on Walmart Checks

The additional relevant information you should know about Walmart checks include:

Walmart Checkbooks

To avoid problems with cash checking, individuals are usually advised to purchase Walmart checkbooks.

However, since Walmart is not a bank, individuals are highly encouraged to use other checks, but the employees of Walmart, have the freedom of using these checkbooks.

Additionally, one should ensure that they purchase the original Walmart checkbooks to avoid having their checks rejected when conducting their transactions.

Walmart Bank Checks offers a wide selection of customizable checks for you to choose from.  Individuals are provided with a chance to select a design and fill in the required information to have their bank checks printed.

With this regard it is essential to know the types of checks available for bank check printing:

  • Computer and manual business checks
  • Eco-friendly individualized checks featuring soy-based inks and recycled papers
  • Disney-themed personal checks
  • Customizable Laura Kelly personal checks.

Valuable information to include in these bank checks is the bank details, more especially, one which you frequently use to enable the process of cashing checks to be completed quickly.

Walmart Bonus Checks

Recently Walmart made a flashy announcement:  To raise and give bonus checks of up to $1000 to its oldest employees given the recent corporate tax cut.

This is one of the approaches to motivating the workers to work extra-harder to provide quality services as per the clients’ needs.

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