Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks Made Out To Me?

Can you cash personal checks at Walmart Money Center? As a leading retail store in the US, it is natural for one to expect to find check cashing services offered at Walmart

Read the article to learn more about the check-cashing process for personal checks at Walmart stores.

Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks?

Yes, Walmart does cash personal checks at different outlets they are located. What you need is to find a Walmart chain store with a Money Center situated in the building to get your check chased.

Walmart stores do cash checks with a value not exceeding $5000. They have an affordable fee for people cashing their checks at their local Walmart.

Rules to Cash Checks at Walmart?

There are several rules customers need to observe while cashing their cash checks at any Walmart Money Center. The most striking conditions include:

Check Cashing Policy

Pre-printed checks are unlikely to be cashed at Walmart. You must ensure your check is preprinted.

Otherwise, unless your check is authorized for payment as per Walmart Policy, it cannot be paid.

Fees for Check Cashing

The fees charged for a cashed check will, however, depend on the value of the check cashed.

Cashing a check for an amount of up to $1000 will cost you $3.00 while those exceeding and including $1000 and $5000 respectively may cost $6.00.

However, the total amount of cashed checks cannot exceed $5000.

Other Important Rules

  • No handwritten/personal checks
  • Bring with you a valid photo ID issued by the government, but not voided/expired driver’s license. A fine is imposed on paper ones.
  • Have your complete social security number
  • In case your check cannot be read by the printer, you must not reprimand the associate at the service desk associate if the printer cannot read your check.
  • Similarly, you are not allowed to berate the associate at the service desk when Certegy denies your check.
  • Ensure that your check is signed before leaving.

Types of Checks accepted at Walmart

These are the kind of checks you can cash at Walmart:

  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Business checks
  • Initially purchased Walmart MoneyGram money orders
  • Payroll checks
  • Tax refund checks
  • Government checks
  • Retirement distribution checks [401 k]
  • Insurance payment checks
  • Out-of-state checks

How to cash a personal check at Walmart

Here are the procedures and conditions followed when cashing your personal cash check at any Walmart outlet:

  1. In-Store Cashing of Personal Cash Check at Walmart: It’s pretty simple and easy to get your check cash paid at this store chain. You just need to present your check at any checkout lane for cashing in a Walmart store near you.
  2. How the Monies are Cashed Out: At Walmart, cashed checks are paid in cash or the money is loaded on the individual’s Walmart MoneyCard. The cost of getting a Walmart MoneyCard at any checkout lane will cost you $3. If not, you should request one online because doing so will attract an issuance fee.
  3. Getting Assistance with Cashing your Check: If you have any questions regarding check cashing at Walmart stores, don’t hesitate to contact 1-479-204-2125 for appropriate answers.

Cashing Business Checks at Walmart

The procedure for cashing a business check at any Wal-Mart store is very simple and easy to use. They have customer service for check cashing.

However, for a variety of business checks, you need to visit a large company outlet, particularly at any register or at Wal-Mart Money Center.

However, you are allowed to cash your check at a register of your choice.

Individual Documentation Requirements

The fact that Walmart lacks a registration system, before cashing your check, you are required to give the associate to the cashier or any person responsible for this service your valid photo ID.

It should be an identification document issued in the U.S.

Suitable types of identification include:

  • State issued passport
  • Military ID card
  • State-issued ID card or driver’s license
  • Tribal ID card

The company’s store policy demands you endorse your check during the moment of presenting the document for cashing.

At Walmart, they don’t cash checks perceived to be high-risk.

Cash Fake Check at Walmart – is it possible?

Absolutely no! You can’t cash a fake cash check at any Walmart outlet on purpose. For those venturing to do so, it can be incredibly hard to go unpunished after cashing a fake check at this chain store retailer.

However, it can be possible, only it will be a challenging adventure.

You must know that several authentication tactics are used at Walmart to authenticate whether your check is valid or not.

The company’s account verification process looks at, among other features, the document’s validity and known fraud.

Another thing likely to be captured through the validation procedure is your ID. It means that to do such a money transaction, you would need both a nice-looking fake ID and a fake check as well.

The only proven way you can cash such kind of a check at Walmart is if it’s a stolen check which is not yet been reported.

The check must also be connected to an account loaded with enough money to be cashed out.

Otherwise, you are screwed if you attempt to write a check to a reported stolen account and present it for cashing at Walmart.

Hours to cash checks at Walmart

Can I cash a check at Walmart anytime? This is the question people keep on asking all the time.

Well, you can cash your check at Walmart 24 hrs a day. For those looking for a location to get their checks cashed at any time, including odd hours, no need to get worried.

This is because Walmart’s checkout lane will always help you get your money.

In fact, Walmart has really eased how you can quickly cash your check any moment you feel like doing so.

Their check-cashing policy has made it pretty simple for people to enjoy their money without getting worried about when to cash this document.

NB: You should probably carefully go through their check-cashing rule.

Walmart Personal Check Cashing Fees

How much does it cost to cash personal checks at Walmart?

Well, for any check cashed at Walmart and not above $1,000, you will be charged $3. On the other hand for those valued between $1,001 and $5,000, you should be prepared to part with a cool $6.

Cashing a check above $5,000 within a tax season will require checking with customer service to know how much you should pay because the company does not list the chargeable amount.

However, based on money forums hosted by different customers, it is reported that the much one should pay for such a service is $6.

This amount, as per the report, counts for cashed checks up to $7,500. Each cashed check attracts a certain amount of fee.

Thus, in case you present three different checks for cashing with each having, say $1,000, you will end up incurring a total of $9 because you will pay the $3 fee for every presented document.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cashing checks at Walmart

Here are some of the most important advantages and disadvantages you must know about cashing checks at Walmart:


  • Efficient process of checkout
  • Have the option to get your money on the Walmart MoneyCard or in cash
  • The charged fee is very low
  • Must necessarily have an account with Walmart to cash your check
  • Walmart is a one-stop retail store, hence can take care of all your needs.
  • Have numerous convenient locations to make your transaction


  • Can’t spend money put on the Walmart MoneyCard in any other place other than at Walmart
  • Multiple fees applied if you have to cash several checks
  • No personal checks chased at Walmart
  • Probable to incur more costs regarding charge fees at Walmart compared to doing the transaction at your own bank

FAQs on Cashing Checks at Walmart

Here are some of the answers to popular and frequently asked questions about cashing a check at Walmart:

Can I cash a personal check at Walmart Money Center?

Not really, Walmart does not accept personal checks. Walmart does not offer such services. But, you can ask their customer service to be furnished more.

Why Can’t I cash my check at Walmart?

You can’t cash a check at Walmart if it’s a personal check, third-party check, handwritten check, two-party check, or a starter check.

Other things that may lead to the denial of your check include cashing:

  • An altered check
  • A savings bonds check
  • An expired check
  • Checks older than 180 days
  • A money order which is not MoneyGram
  • A Postdated check
  • A New Jersey and New York check for state reason
  • A check not in your name

Can I cash my check at Walmart on Sunday?

Yes, but only at the Walmart checkout lane. It’s the only outlet that offers this service at odd hours.

How much to cash a check at Walmart?

At Walmart, they have a limit to the fee and cash one can be paid for a presented check, and in most cases, the limit is $5,000.

However, you may be required to confirm with the customer service to know the exact amount during a tax season which covers the months of January to April annually.

During such periods, the limit is raised to as high as $7,500 a day. However, some individual Walmart outlets set cash limits which may be as low as $2,000.

Can I cash a check at Walmart at midnight?

Yes, you can cash a check at midnight as long as you visit any Walmart checkout lane. They have odd-hour services.

Can I cash my check at Walmart without an ID?

Not really, having your ID is one of the key prerequisites in the company policy for making the transaction of check cashing. However, you can ask the customer service for more information if you find yourself in such a situation.

Can I cash a check at Walmart with my passport?

Yes, you can but only if it is a U.S. passport. However, you may also be required to provide the number of your social security during this process of cashing a check.

What time does Walmart stop cashing checks?

In most outlets that operate 24/7, Walmart does not stop check-cashing services, which means the services are also available 24/7.

Therefore, the only time Walmart stops cashing checks is when they close the stores in branches that do not operate throughout the day.

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